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Alienware LCD Replacement | 9 Things To Know

Alienware LCD Replacement | 9 Things To Know

Alienware comes with one of the sturdiest LCD screens. Yet, it could get damaged or broken at some point. Finding an excellent LCD replacement for your Alienware is an effortless process.

The following insights will help.

Alienware LCD Replacement

You’ll need to replace your Alienware LCD whenever it cracks or gets damaged. Fortunately, various displays are available on the market, making it easier to get a perfect screen for your gaming laptop. However, you must identify the correct screen lest you lose value for your money.

That means you must know its model and size.

The size and model of your LCD are written on its back. Remember, this model number often denotes the resolution, backlight type, and size of your LCD.

As such, it would be best to be precise when quoting this model number. Ordering the LCD model number is the most preferred method, guaranteeing better results.

You could also order your LCD replacement by the laptop model number. However, the resolution of the chosen LCD might vary, depending on the available Alienware options.

Thanks to this element, ensure that you cross-check with the LCD number. You could also opt for a resolution that fits your interests or preferences.

Further, every laptop comes with a manufacturer’s part number. You’ll find this part number in your user manual. You could also consider confirming it online.

Unfortunately, this approach is not suitable for upgraded laptops. That is because upgraded or replaced devices might come with different LCDs altogether.

How Do I Replace My Alienware Screen?

Replacing your Alienware screen is a significantly straightforward process.

This process requires you first to unplug the laptop, then remove the bezel.

Ensure that you gently pull the inner part of the bezel away from the screen, all around the screen. Usually, you will need to snap various tabs underneath the screen.

However, do not touch the wires. Instead, place the bezel on the keyboard.

Next, remove four screws around the screen while holding the LCD panel. Once you remove it, place it safely on the keyboard. You’ll then gently peel off the clear tape that secures the video connector.

This move allows you to detach the screen from the video connector.

You can open the connector brackets using tweezers.

The next step would be to install the new screen. You will first need to attach the LCD to the video connectors. However, you need not force or twist any connectors.

Once the screen is in place, screw it and replace the bezel.

How Much is a Replacement LCD Screen?

The cost of replacing your laptop’s LCD screen will vary from time to time.

This cost will depend on the model number, size, and professional charges.

Generally, the cost of about 3% of high-end LCD screens varies between $173 and $196, which is a significant amount.

However, you can get some screens for between $50 and $100, depending on the model and resolution offered.

Further, you will need to cover various professional repair costs, which could be as high as $300. That means you must choose a professional that will hardly charge you too much. This way, it becomes more effortless for you to save.

Are LCD Screens Replaceable?

Yes, LCD screens are replaceable.

It would be best to replace your screen once you notice that it has cracked or become damaged. Ensure that you replace the screen with the correct model number. This move allows you to enjoy the performance levels that you envisioned.

However, it would be best to note that you cannot fix an LCD, thanks to the complexities involved.

Various aspects could force you to replace this screen.

The most common one would be a cracked or damaged screen. However, vertical lines and dead pixels are also common issues that people will face.

A flickering screen will also affect your performance. Once you notice any of these symptoms, be ready to get a suitable replacement.

Alienware 15 r3 LCD Replacement

How Do I Replace My Alienware 15 r3 Screen?

The replacement process is straightforward.

All you need to do is remove the bezel of your laptop to access the screws. Once you are here, unscrew the sides of the computer and carefully remove the LCD screen.

You’ll also need to disconnect it from the video connectors, preferably with tweezers. Remove the old screen and connect its replacement to the video connectors.

Carefully reassemble the remaining parts.

Is the Alienware m15 r3 Plastic?

Yes, the Alienware m15 r3 is plastic, from its front lid to the keyboard deck.

Yet, this plastic is robust enough to assure you enhanced reliability and stability. You’ll also be sure of black matte plastic on its rear vent housing. This housing is a beauty to behold.

Does the Alienware m15 r3 Have Ray Tracing?

The m15 r3 is an excellent gaming laptop featuring ray tracing capability.

This ray tracing technology is a perfect addition for anyone looking for realistic lighting effects. As such, the light produced has real effects. You can also be sure of enhanced simulation, where the light interacts with various objects. Notably, this technology provides you with an immersive gaming experience.

Alienware 17 r4 LCD Replacement

The Alienware 17 r4 LCD replacement will cost you any amount from $119. This pricing does not include the labor costs you get charged.

Remember, labor costs will vary from one technician to another. That means you must compare them before you can settle for one.