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Alienware Lights Not Working | 14 Important Facts

Alienware Lights Not Working | 14 Important Facts

Alienware PCS and laptops come with RGB backlighting as well as RGB lighting inside the tower.

You can control this lighting in the Alienware Command Center as well as the AlienFX lighting controls.

There are easy and quick ways to take command of your Alienware LED lights.

Let’s explore common issues with the lighting inside of Alienware PCS. 

How Do I Fix My Alienware Lights?

The fastest way to fix your Alienware lights is to open up the Alienware Command Center and then open the AlienFX lighting controls.

You’ll be able to use these to set lighting profiles for different users that you can enable on the fly. 

The blackout option turns off all LED lights so make sure that’s enabled or disabled depending on how you want your lights to operate. 

How Do I Turn On My Alienware Lights?

You can turn on your Alienware keyboard lights by pressing FN + F6 on your keyboard to increase their brightness.

You can also open the Alienware Command Center to change your lighting settings. 

How Do I Turn AlienFX Back On?

You can turn the AlienFX lights back on by clicking on the AlienFX icon and selecting “Enable Alienware AlienFX.”

This will activate the lighting effects on your Alienware laptop. 

What Is Alienware Light Fx?

AlienFX is the software that controls the LED lighting in Alienware laptops. You can use AlienFX to control simple functions such as brightness and more complicated features like ambient lighting. AlienFX allows you to get the most out of having an RGB backlit keyboard. 

How Do I Reinstall Alienware FX?

AlienFX is part of a larger program known as Alienware Command Center.

In order to reinstall AlienFX, you need to reinstall Alienware command Center. You can do this in the Programs and Features menu by uninstalling the program and then reinstalling it. 

Alienware Side Panel Lights Not Working

The side panel lights on your Alienware PC might not always turn on. This is most likely because of a setting inside of AlienFX.

You can go into the alien effect settings and make sure that you have your side panel lights enabled and sufficiently bright. Make sure to save your profile settings before exiting and restart your computer. Your side panel lights should then turn on. 

Alienware Keyboard Lights Not Working

Your Alienware keyboard lights also might not be working for similar reasons.

You can go into your AlienFX settings and make sure that your profile has the keyboard back lights enabled.

You can also press FN + F6 to brighten your keyboard lights and make sure they are on. 

How Do I Turn On The Keyboard Lights On My Alienware?

You can turn on your keyboard lights in your AlienFX app. They can also be turned on by pressing the FN + F6 keys.

There might also be a keyboard backlight button next to the FN buttons on your Alienware laptop. 

How Do I Turn Off The Power Button On My Alienware Light?

It can be difficult to turn off the light that’s on the power button on Alienware Laptops. Some models leave this light on all the time by default.

You can go into your AlienFX settings and select the “blackout” option under basic to turn this light off. Some models do not offer this option and are stuck with this light permanently on. 

Alienware Aurora Lights Not Working

There can be a few reasons why the lights in your Alienware Aurora lights are not working. Most of the time this is a settings problem. You can go into the Alienware Command Center and navigate to the lights control and adjust your settings to get your lights running again.

There might be other options that are causing your lights not to work such as faulty drivers or mechanical failures. 

How Do I Turn Off My Alienware Aurora Lights?

There’s one easy way to turn off the lights on your Alienware Aurora PC.

Open up the Alienware Command Center and navigate to the AlienFX lighting control. Under the basic menu, you’ll be able to find a setting called “blackout.” This turns off all LED lights. 

Alienware Laptop Lights Not Working

You can try some quick fixes like turning off the black cut setting in the AlienFX menu or turning up the brightness in the Alienware Command Center to get your laptop lights working again.

You can also fully reset the lighting controls by unplugging your laptop, removing the battery, and pressing the power button for 20 seconds.

This will power cycle the laptop and reset the lighting controls. 

Alienware Aurora R6 Lights Not Working

Quick fixes for your Alienware Aurora R6 lights include checking your light settings in the AlienFX menu or power cycling your PC by unplugging it and then holding down the power button for 20 seconds.

You can also open up your tower to make sure that all of your RGB lights are plugged in and connected to the power supply. 

Alienware M15x Lights Not Working

You can check your Alienware m15x lights by opening up the Alienware Command Center. You’ll be able to navigate to the lighting controls known as alien effects. Please give you full control over the RGB lights and your Alienware laptop.

You can also try other fixes like power cycling your laptop or making sure that you do not have the blackout option enabled in AlienFX.