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Alienware Liquid Cooling Maintenance | 20 Things To Know

Alienware Liquid Cooling Maintenance | 20 Things To Know

Alienware Liquid Cooling Maintenance

Alienware PCs come with liquid cooling as one of their options. Liquid cooling is superior to Fan cooling especially when playing resource-intensive gaming.

Modern liquid cooling systems barely require any user maintenance. 

Does Liquid Cooling Need Maintenance?

DIY liquid cooling systems will need some user maintenance.

This is because those systems experienced some mild evaporation which lowers the level of cooling fluid overtime. Closed liquid cooling systems like those found in Alienware PCS do not require any user maintenance. 

How Often Does Liquid Cooling Need Maintenance?

Open-loop liquid cooling systems require maintenance every 6 to 12 months. This is the top off any cooling fluid that has evaporated overtime.

A closed-loop cooling system will never require user maintenance for the lifetime of the product.

Does Alienware Use Liquid Cooling?

Alienware PCS use liquid cooling. There are models that use liquid cooling as well as models that use traditional fan-based cooling. You can also modify your Alienware PC to be a liquid cooled system. 

Are Liquid Cooled PCs Reliable?

Liquid cooled PCS are mostly reliable. If your liquid cooling system was properly installed, you got nothing to worry about and you’re going to have a more efficient and quieter cooling system.

However, a poorly installed liquid cooling system runs the risk of leaking or spilling onto your expensive PC components. 

Alienware Aurora R7 Liquid Cooling Maintenance

Maintenance for liquid cooling systems is very simple.

This is true for the liquid cooling system in the Alienware Aurora R7. 

Does Liquid Cooling Require Maintenance?

Liquid cooling systems do not require maintenance.

You might be required to top up the cooling fluid in an open loop system, but the systems found in Alienware are closed-loop systems which never require user maintenance. 

Is The Aurora R7 Liquid Cooled?

The Alienware Aurora R7 does not come with liquid cooling as one of its factory options.

However, there are plenty of kits out there as well as instructions on forums for upgrading your Alienware Aurora R7 to liquid cooling. 

How Often Does Liquid Cooling Need Maintenance?

Liquid cooling systems need maintenance every 6 to 12 months if they are open loop systems. Closed loop liquid cooling systems will never require maintenance outside of blowing dust off of fans and cooling surfaces. 

Is Alienware Aurora Liquid Cooled?

Some models of Alienware Aurora PCs are liquid cooled. These come from the factory with a closed loop liquid cooling system installed. Other models can be upgraded to DIY liquid cooling systems by following instructions online. 

Alienware Aurora R4 Liquid Cooling Maintenance

The Alienware Aurora R4 will not require user maintenance for its liquid cooling system. You will most likely only need to blow dust off of fans and other components. However, some users have reported that they needed to top off the cooling fluid for this particular model 

Alienware Aurora R11 Liquid Cooling Maintenance

The only maintenance you should ever need to do on your Alienware Aurora R11 liquid cooling system is to use a compressed air can and spray the dust off of the fans and cooling components. This is a closed-system and does not require user maintenance. 

Is Liquid Cooling High Maintenance?

Liquid cooling is extremely low maintenance. Closed-loop liquid cooling systems never require user maintenance while open-loop DIY liquid cooling systems will only need maintenance once or twice a year. 

Does Alienware Aurora R11 Have Liquid Cooling?

The Alienware Aurora R11 comes with liquid cooling as one of its options. 

Alienware Aurora R10 Liquid Cooling Maintenance

The Alienware Aurora R10 does not require any liquid cooling maintenance from users. If you experience a problem with this liquid cooling system, it’s best to send your PC back for a return or use the warranty. 

Is Aurora R10 Liquid Cooled?

The Alienware Aurora is the smallest mid-tower gaming desktop PC to offer liquid cooling. There are a few fans inside of this computer, but they mostly exist to assist the liquid cooling system. This is a solid option for someone looking for a pre-built liquid cooling system. 

Alienware Aurora R8 Liquid Cooling Maintenance

The Alienware Aurora does not have a user cleanable liquid cooling system. This liquid cooling is a closed system. This means that you will only need to use compressed air to blow dust off the fans and cooling elements. You will never need to open this liquid cooling system and service it yourself. 

Is Alienware Liquid Cooling Worth It

Liquid cooling might not be worth it for the average PC user, but if you own an Alienware PC then you’re probably doing some hardcore gaming. Gaming generates a lot of heat in your PC and having liquid cooling is going to allow your machine to more efficiently manage the heat generated by all of that processing. 

Is Liquid Cooling Worth It in 2022?

Liquid cooling has gotten much more worth it in 2020. It’s easier and more affordable than ever to install a liquid cooling system into your PC. There are plenty of guides out there and there are even liquid cooling kits from some of the biggest names in PC parts. 

Does Liquid Cooling Really Make A Difference?

Liquid cooling is often a better choice when compared with fan-cooled PCs. Liquid cooling more efficiently redistributes heat through your machine. Liquid cooling is also quieter which can be a huge advantage especially if you’re live streaming or doing any kind of recording. The only trade offs in favor of fan cooling are that fan cooling is simpler and cheaper to accomplish.