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Are Alienware Monitors Vesa Compatible? | Explained

Are Alienware Monitors Vesa Compatible? | Explained

What is VESA?

Vesa is a standard for the connection points between monitors and televisions and other devices.

The goal of VESA is to create an acceptable line of compatible connections. 

VESA Standard Sizes

The VESA Standard can be determined by taking a look at the back of the monitor.

Typically, the VESA ports are on the back. The distance is usually about 400 millimeters wide with a height of 200 millimeters, but this can vary with televisions and monitors. Below are the three standards with links if you wish to delve into more information on their features:




What is a VESA Mount?

VESA also has mounting standards, also called “Flat Display Mounting Interface” (FDMI), which provides standards for mounting your electronics. These standards assist when you are attempting to purchase mounts and proper peripheral equipment for your gaming setup.

The VESA mounting standards have many different variations because the displays they are used for can be slightly different, despite the standardization of the process. 

Labeling System

This is the system you can use to figure out the compatibility of your monitor with the chosen mount. You will find the labels of the mounts to be labeled with a letter and the size.

It will be presented with the standard it uses and the size in millimeters. 

Are Alienware monitors also VESA compatible?

Yes, most models of Alienware Monitors are VESA compatible. For example, the Alienware AW2518HF has the following description in its User’s Guide:

Figure 1 – (Source – Alienware AW2518HF User’s Guide)

For the highlighted number in Figure 1, you can see the VESA ports shown. 

#1 show the VESA mounting holes measuring at 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters and located behind attached VESA Cover.This Wall mount monitor is using a VESA compatible wall mount kit also measuring 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters. 

HDMI Display Modes 

There are also present display modes available for this model with VESA compatible Horizontal, Vertical Frequencies, Pixel CLocks, and Sync Polarity features, as shown in the chart below: 

Along with DP display modes:

VESA Environmental Safety Features

VESA has a Display Power Management Signaling that is also compatible with some Alienware devices. This reduces energy consumption when your machine is idle.

It is useful in prolonging the life of your monitor.

VESA bases their specifications on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s power management specifications. 

Can you put an Alienware monitor on a monitor mount?

For aesthetic and visibility reasons, many gamers find it helpful to mount their monitors for a more immersive experience.

Mounting your monitor requires insight into a few compatibility settings.

If your monitor is termed as VESA certified, then you should be able to find a compatible VESA mount to compliment it. There are many models of Alienware that are compatible with VESA Mounts.

Typically, this can be found in their User Guides, so if you know the model number you are looking to purchase, it would be prudent to look up their VESA mount compatibility. 

What monitors are VESA compatible?

Models of Alienware Computers that are VESA Mount Compatible:

  • AW2518H
  • AW2521HF
  • AW2521HFL
  • AW3418DW
  • AW3418HW

The above models are the ones that contain optional VESA connection standards and also mounting capabilities.

There are possibly more models that have not been listed which are also compatible as the list above is by no means exhaustive.

Alienware, being part of a large company like Dell, would most likely create monitors that are versatile and compatible with popular and standardized products like mounts and ports. Despite this, it is best to do your research before purchasing. 

How do I know if my VESA is compatible?

The only true way to know if your monitor complies with VESA standards is to check the back.

The pattern on the back of your monitor will denote it’s ability to connect.

Not all monitors can be connected, but if they are compatible, thief ports in the back will have a common pattern of either 75 by 75 millimeters or 100 by 100 millimeters.

Larger monitors will be 200 by 100 millimeters. These can all be used to later deduce the weight capacity and screw sizes for mounting to complete your gaming aesthetic.