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Are Alienware Motherboards Good? (Explained)

Are Alienware Motherboards Good? (Explained)

What motherboard does Alienware use?

The components within Alienware computers depend on the computer model.

It is common to see proprietary parts within the newer models of Alienware, but for some models that are not proprietary, Alienware models may be using a motherboard like the Micro ATX motherboard brand, which is often used for average PC usage.

More About Micro ATX

The Micro ATX motherboard is within Alienware’s Aurora model.

This series of motherboards was started in 1997. The Micro ATX is a smaller version of another motherboard, and has a maximum of 4 PCIe expansion slots. This motherboard has good features for gaming. It can carry up to 5,133MHz worth of RAM.

This was used in the Aurora because of it’s smaller chassis and the compatible motherboard.

The MicroATX is supposed to be part of the cheaper line of motherboards and is mainly useful for size and without sacrificing room for memory. This motherboard is good for general use. 

Is Dell Alienware worth buying?

Aesthetic AND Performance

The two biggest reasons people opt for buying Alienware products is because they are known for their exceptional design and performance.

Often, with computing machines, there are compromises either with a bulky exterior for optimized performance. 

Internal Equipment

Many Alienware products have high quality Intel Core i7/i9 processors enabling multi-core efficient performance. Even if you’re not using your Alienware computer for heavy computing, you will find it useful for browser navigation and general daily navigation without interruption. 

Refresh Rates

Most Alienware laptops have a refresh rate of 360Hz, which is crucial for a hyper-realistic gaming experience. 


Alienware doesn’t shy away from interesting and futuristic designs.

They have a distinct minimalist look that still incorporates a sci-fi flare. 

Who makes Alienware Mobo?

Alienware components are made in China and are often shipped to the Dell Factory.