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5 Things To Know About AWS re:Post

AWS launched AWS Re:Post during Re:Invent 2021 and is aimed towards all IT and Cloud professionals seeking to further their knowledge regarding AWS Tool and Services. Users can simply go to AWS re:Post, ask a question virtually about anything AWS, and have answers from certified professionals within minutes.

To get started with AWS re:Post, go to this link:

AWS re:Post Homepage

What is AWS re:Post

AWS re:Post is a fully managed service offered by AWS that allows users to being asking and answering questions about AWS services. Some really cool features about the service is that users who ask questions are automatically put in touch with AWS Experts who are basically monitoring each of the service topics.

Also worth mentioning If you happen to have higher tiers of support (Premium Support subscriptions) and your question isn’t answered, then it will be promptly routed to AWS employees who will find you an answer.

AWS re:Post pricing

AWS re:Post is completely free to users, and is offered by amazon’s free tier. This is a customer centric offering designed to help users around the world get better answers quickly, and cost effectively.

Since re:Post is free in part by the free tier, all you have to do is sign up for an AWS account to get started.

Here’s a link to the AWS Free-Tier website for more information.

AWS also allows users with premium support plans to gain a higher likely hood of getting their questions answered, so if you’re in the market for getting prompt responses to some pretty significant technical challenges, it may be worth paying for support.

Here’s a link to AWS Premium Support:

Why You Should Use re:Post

You should use AWS re:Post because it’s a community styled forum designed to provide users with any answer they may have about AWS services. That means any architectural advice, service information, or implementation types of questions people building on AWS have, are now able to receive prompt feedback from experienced AWS professionals.

Not only that, but as mentioned above, it is completely free and offered by the AWS Free Tier.

Since users are now able to get their questions answered in a more efficient manner, they can start building on AWS quicker, and deliver more value for their business quicker. Faster delivery of value for businesses means more revenue for their business.

How Do you use AWS re:Post

Using AWS re:Post is actually really simple.

To get started, go to

Once on the page, you will be prompted with a myriad of popular topics for your interest, and several selections to choose from.

The selections are ask a question, find answers, join a group, and more.

If you want to ask a question, lets take a look at how that works. Go ahead and click on “Ask Question”.

You will be routed over to this page, where you can provide a title for your question, and any further information or context you can provide. There’s also a Tags section at the bottom, so make sure to include all the relevant topics and services related to your question. This will make your question appear in that tag’s queue.

Here’s a question CloudDropout asked. As you can see, the title and description are nice and crisp. All Relevant tags have been included as well.

Within just a few hours, over five users were rushing to answer the question and provided excellent AWS insight that is in line with AWS best practice and the well architected framework.

Here’s a link to the actual post Cloud Dropout made:

What makes it different than Stack OverFlow and Other Forums?

AWS re:Post is the modern day version of the famed AWS Forums. In fact, most of the prominent users over on that forum board have been migrated to re:Post.

Regarding stack overflow and server fault, there’s really a key difference – AWS re:post serves AWS customers specifically and routes questions to be answered by actual AWS service team members, solutions architects, and support engineers. That is huge.

With most of the online forums available today, you may get great guidance, but often times a lot of the insight is not given by accredited individuals. That means most of the advice given on those boards need to be taken with a grain of salt.

AWS re:Post alleviates a lot of those concerns not only by having actual service team members answer some of your questions, but provides options for other users to upload their certifications to give credence to their technical capabilities.