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Best Linux for Alienware Laptop | 8 Facts Explained

Best Linux for Alienware Laptop | 8 Facts Explained

Did you know that you can run Linux on your Alienware laptop? It’s a common choice for people looking for more nuanced control over their PC as well as an alternative to the bloatware that comes with Windows.

As Linux has become a more popular option, it’s also become a more viable choice for gamers that use Alienware.

Let’s take a closer look at using Linux on your Alienware laptop. 

Best Linux For Alienware Laptop

The best Linux operating system for your Alienware laptop is going to depend on your needs.

Most users will do best with choosing Ubuntu which is a user-friendly and popular Linux operating system.

You can also try out Mint, Bunsenlabs, or Kali Linux for more specialized uses. 

Here’s a note for Alienware gamers.

Plenty of major game studios and distribution services, such as Steam, are increasingly designing games to run on Linux operating systems.

There are even workarounds to run Windows on a virtual machine inside of a Linux operating system that can allow you to continue playing your favorite games.

Can You Run Linux On An Alienware Laptop?

You can run Linux operating systems on your Alienware laptop.

It used to be a challenging DIY project to get Linux operating on Windows laptops, but it’s gotten a lot easier as time has gone on.

You can opt for dual booting which gives you both Windows and Linux operating system or ditch Windows altogether in favor of having only Linux on your Alienware laptop. 

How Do I Install Linux On My Alienware Laptop?

You can install Linux on your Alienware laptop by first creating a bootable Linux USB stick.

You create a bootable Linux USB stick by downloading a Linux operating system ISO file and then writing that to your USB stick using an ISO burning software.

All you need to do after that is enter the boot mode on your laptop and boot from your new Linux USB stick.

After that, you just follow the options on the screen and your Linux operating system of choice will guide you through the installation. 

Which Linux Is Best For Laptop?

The best Linux for laptops is going to be the one that offers you what you need. General users are going to want to opt for a Linux operating system such as Ubuntu or Mint.

There are more specialized options including Kali Linux which is ideal for security enthusiasts or bunsenlabs which is a more minimalist installation. 

Which Linux Is Best For Everything?

The best Linux installation for everything is hands down Ubuntu. This is a Linux operating system that has been designed from the start to be accessible for most users.

You won’t even need to be very familiar with the command line to use Ubuntu.

Ubunto comes packed with features that most Windows and Mac users are going to be familiar with. You get a suite of office software as well as plenty of alternatives for popular media editing tools.

You can consider this the closest thing to Windows or Mac that Linux has to offer. 

Arch Linux Alienware

Arch Linux is a popular alternative to Ubuntu. These two operating systems both work on Alienware laptops and are largely the same. Where Arch Linux succeeds is in its customization options.

Many people choose Linux to be in control of their computers and Arch Linux does not shy away from giving users a higher level of control. 

Battery Life Arch Linux

If you’re installing Arch Linux on your Alienware laptop you might need some additional software to optimize your battery life. Arch Linux is compatible with a wide range of linux-based software that can help you optimize your battery life.

This includes everything from battery optimization features to setting charging thresholds.

Linux operating systems have gotten a lot better with controlling batteries over the years. There used to be some serious bugs when it came to controlling laptop batteries, but those have been largely worked out to ensure modern users of our clinics get the most out of their battery experience. 

Final Thoughts

Linux is a popular alternative to Windows when it comes to Alienware Laptops.

Linux offers many advantages including greater control over your laptop, in absence of bloatware and advertisements, and a higher level of customization.

You’ll even be able to enjoy plenty of contemporary games which are increasingly being optimized to run on popular Linux distributions.