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Best Way To Learn Keyboard and Mouse Gaming?

Best Way To Learn Keyboard and Mouse Gaming?

A transition from controllers to a gaming keyboard and mouse can be a challenge. Once the learning curb is annihilated then the true benefits of gaming will show.

The mouse offers a point and click strategy, better control, and the keyboard posses more inputs than a controller.

A keyboard and mouse will make any gamer stronger than a simple controller. However, practice and dedication is the only way to master a keyboard and mouse.

Why Game With A Keyboard And Mouse?

It’s far simpler to aim with a mouse than it is with just thumbs on a controller.

The precision downright trumps over a controller and a keyboard provides more options within reaction time.

Meaning, getting to the inventory and switching weapons will happen a lot faster than with a controller. A keyboard and mouse are just more efficient.

Best Ways To Learn Keyboard And Mouse Gaming

1. Get Familiar with a keyboard

A keyboard may overwhelm at first sight with its 150 buttons. However, this should not discourage the gamer, it just proves the many options a game can offer.

Begin playing a familiar game. Start using the keyboard and explore what can be done in-game. Arrange the keys to fit a gaming style that is convenient and easy to remember. This will take time.

2. Buy quality equipment

Thumbs are mainly required when gaming on a controller but a keyboard requires the entire hand. This will lead to discomfort if the right equipment is not used.

Keyboards are designed for efficiency in gaming but also comfort. Do not game on a laptop or buy a cheap mouse. Test out keyboards and decide how firm the buttons are. Are they spaced out enough? Is the keyboard big enough?

Buy equipment that will help to game but also relieve any discomfort in the hands or wrists.

A mouse, at minimum, should have sensitivity settings and thumb rest. The mouse is as important as the keyboard. It is what will directly impact a gamer’s technique.

3. Adjust Settings

When a gamer plays a new game then the settings will need to be adjusted. This will help the gamer get a better feeling for the gameplay.

Save the settings on the games so there is not a need for readjustment.

4. Allow your body to adjust  

Sitting at a desk and gaming is far different than using a controller. The body will go through levels of discomfort but will learn to adjust.

However, the gamer should take this seriously and give the body adequate attention. Wrists and hands will ache over time if not properly taken care of. Don’t use a mouse and aim with the wrist.

The best way to play is aiming with the elbow and allowing enough room for the body to enable this technique. In the end, the body needs to be treated well so the gamer can game for years.

How long does it take to learn?

Mastering a keyboard and mouse may take years but to become efficient will only take weeks. Honestly, this is all dependent on the gamer and their will.

It will be a frustrating endeavor to adjust to a keyboard and mouse but it will not take forever.

A lot of knowledge will transfer over and logically everything will come together. Thankfully muscle memory with eventually kick in and all t takes is practice.

The only way to get better is to practice with different games. Just make sure breaks are thrown in every hour or two.

How do I adapt to my keyboard and mouse?

It will be difficult to fully adapt to a keyboard and mouse over a controller but it’s not impossible. Practicing with specific games will help the adjustment.

There are games on the market that will help flatten the learning curb between controller and mouse. What better way to learn than with a game? Here are a few to check out.

1. Counter-Strike

A first-person shooter will help will point and shoot along with an adjustment to recoil. Although every controller has haptic feedback a gamer will have to search for a mouse with the same feature.

The transition between the vibrations of a controller to the plain visuals will be an adjustment. However, Counter-Strike is the perfect shooting game to begin as a novice for a new keyboard and mouse gamer.

2. Stardew Valley

Trying to just memorize keys and their functions then Stardew Valley is just right. The gameplay is perfect for anyone trying out their new equipment but does not want to be thrown into battle.

The farming simulated game allows customization of the keyboard in a stress-free environment.

3. SKYRIM: Elder Scrolls

A completely open-world role-playing game is the best between Counter-Strike and Stardew Valley. SKYRIM will help the gamer learn fast movements on the keyboard searching for inventory and fight small battles aiming with a mouse.

The game will help bring together the memorization of functions with the keyboard and instincts of the mouse.

All in all gaming with a mouse and keyboard is far superior to a controller. It gives the gamer better reaction time, more options, and will improve the gamer’s experience in a game altogether.