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9 Things To Know About Blink Mini Cameras

9 Things To Know About Blink Mini Cameras

Blink Mini is the evolution of the affordable home security system. With a price point under $50 from a wide selection of retailers, the Blink Mini camera gives you peace of mind when it comes to protecting what you value most. 

Finding an affordable home security system can be a difficult task.

Blink’s Mini camera offers customers the chance to keep an eye on their loved ones, property, and possessions with a low-cost price point that will keep budgets happy. Plus, the Blink Mini camera can be linked to a larger Blink security system. 

Blink Mini Camera

The Blink Mini Camera is a product of Blink, maker of affordable home security systems, which is owned by Amazon. Purchased in 2017 by the e-commerce giant, Blink security cameras are compatible with Alexa, but are not compatible with Google, Apple, or Samsung. 

Blink also offers a lineup of many other home security cameras, including both indoor and outdoor models.

These security cameras link up to the Blink Home Monitor app to alert you of any activity in your home, office, business, property, etc. The Blink security camera system includes a variety of options for your security needs, including detachable camera heads. 

What are Blink Mini Cameras

The Blink Mini camera is a home security device that allows you to keep watch over a particular area from a remote location. 

This affordable home security device plugs into an outlet and comes in a matte black or white finish. The Blink Mini is the most affordable security camera in the Blink lineup, but it is indoor use only. The compact camera records 1080p HD video and two-way audio so you can both see, hear, and speak on camera. 

The Blink Mini has a 110 degree field of view and an Immedia proprietary CPU. While cloud storage and local storage are not free, you can subscribe to a plan that allows you to save video to the cloud.

Blink Mini cameras can be armed and disarmed manually or automatically, and you can customize motion detection zones as well. 

Blink Mini requires a 2.4GHz network connection in order to transmit video and sound from the camera to your smartphone. In the event you have compatible equipment, you can also tell the Blink Mini camera to turn on lights in an “if this, then that” behavior pattern.

For example, if there is a sound detected, Blink Mini would turn on the lights in that area of the house, as long as the lights are compatible with the compact security camera. 

How Much are Blink Mini Cameras

The Blink Mini camera is $34.99 as of the writing of this article. If you want to store your video and link it to the cloud, you will have to pay a subscription fee, which is an additional monthly charge. 

Why Would You Buy a Blink Mini Camera

The Blink Mini camera is perfect for low-cost home security systems. These cameras can alert you of any danger or mischief, but they can also be used as evidence if a theft or crime does occur.

For example, many people who live in apartments prefer to have a small security system that allows them to see what’s happening when they’re not there. This could be to keep an eye on any maintenance persons that enter the apartment, or the Blink Mini could simply be used to catch on camera any unusual activity.

Most people purchase a Blink Mini for security purposes and also peace of mind. 

Where Can You Buy a Blink Mini Camera

You can buy a Blink Mini at most major retailers, or online on Amazon.

Retailers that carry the Blink Mini camera include Target, Office Depot, Kohls, and even eBay. 

Does Blink Mini Cost Monthly?

It is possible to purchase the Blink Mini camera and related hardware without paying a monthly fee. However, if you want to store your data, you will have to subscribe at a rate of either $3 or $10 per month.

The Basic plan for the Blink Mini is $3 per month and allows you 60 days of cloud storage for free. The Plus plan is $10 and includes the same benefit. You can also share clips and stream up to 90 minutes of continuous live video per session. 

If you want to try these plans out, Blink does offer a 30-day free trial for new customers. 

Do Blink Mini Cameras Record All the Time?

Blink Mini cameras do not have the capacity to record continuously, but you can access live video whenever you please. 

The Blink Mini is equipped with infrared night vision, which allows you to record effectively in the dark.

The camera rate is 30 frames per second, but it only records for 5 to 60 seconds at a time if motion is detected. It will also only record if it is armed, so you will have to make sure it’s functioning before you leave. 

What is the Difference Between Blink Mini and Blink?

The Blink Mini is the smallest home security camera in the Blink lineup of products, which includes both indoor and outdoor security cameras for your home, office, and anywhere else you might need a security camera. 

Blink’s home security system products include a video doorbell, an outdoor camera, an indoor camera, the floodlight camera, and a solar panel mount that can hold multiple outdoor cameras. 

Final Thoughts

The Blink Mini home security camera is a great affordable option when it comes to keeping watch over your property and possessions.

With an optional subscription plan that allows you to save data and stream up to 90 minutes, and a whole lineup of other security cameras to complement your Mini, Blink gives customers the peace of mind they need