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6 Tips For Using A Blink Mini Through Window

6 Tips For Using A Blink Mini Through Window

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to point your Blink Mini out of a window in your home and still have good visibility, the answer is “usually”. 

During daylight hours, it works surprisingly well. At night, you may have to make some adjustments to be able to see much of anything outside. Let’s get into how that works below! 

Pointing Blink Mini Through a Window

Blink offers indoor and outdoor cameras, but sometimes it’s easier to use what you already have.

And sometimes, outdoor cameras just don’t offer what you need. Whether you simply don’t have an outdoor camera, the outdoor camera won’t work in your climate, or you want to keep it indoors, sometimes you need to explore creative options, like mounting an indoor camera in your window inside your home or building.

Where I live, the temperature can drop into the negative twenties and negative thirties (Fahrenheit).

The Blink Outdoor camera can only sustain temperatures down to -4 Fahrenheit, which is why I opted for an indoor Blink Mini mounted in the window. 

Will a Blink Mini Work Through a Window?

Blink Mini will work through windows during daylight hours, but they will have almost no visibility at night. The window will reflect the interior of the room into the window, so you’ll be seeing a distorted interior video of your home, and not the outside.

The only exception to this is if you are able to mount the lens of the blink directly against the window so there isn’t any space for reflections or light glares. The Blink Mini will pick up on lights outside of the home, but this will blend in with the scene inside your home, which can be a bit confusing. 

Turning off 100% of the lights inside your home will allow the camera to see out at night. Still, the blinking light from the camera will show up on footage, so don’t let that surprise you like it did me! 

During the day though, I have to say that I’m impressed with the quality of the video footage. For going through a window, it’s pretty darn clear. 

Can You Mount a Blink Camera on the Inside of a Window?

Yes, you can mount a Blink Camera inside of a window. If at all possible, make the camera point straight out, rather than at an angle.

This will reduce glare and nighttime reflections in the window. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this, but if you can, it’s definitely a better solution. 

Make sure that you can still open and close the window without bumping into or dropping down on the camera. Also, if your window opens and closes, then you likely have a screen on at least half of the window. Try to place the camera in a spot where the screen won’t be visible.

It significantly decreases your visibility and makes videos much more confusing to look at. 

How Do I Get My Security Camera to Work Through a Window?

Set up for a Mini Blink is the same as usual. The only difference is that you may be mounting it onto window trim, like solid wood, rather than drywall or sheetrock.

I found that mounting in a window was easier than on a wall, but that’s just me. 

If you’re not sure you want to drill holes into your framing, it’s okay to rest your camera on the windowsill, or on a stack of books in the windowsill. 

Try to make your camera touch or almost touch the glass of the window because this will significantly reduce reflections and glare, especially at night. 

For improved nighttime visibility, turn on a light or two outdoors, and then shut off all sources of light inside your home.

Or, at least, close all the doors to the room where your camera is mounted, and then turn off all the lights in that room. If you have more light inside your home than outside, your window will act as a mirror and just reflect the room onto the glass and into your Blink Mini.

I don’t recommend night-time mode for the Mini Blink when looking through windows. This nighttime function does not work through windows; leaving it on daytime mode 24/7 is much better and will lend you a better view. 

Should You Use a Blink Mini to Look Through Windows

Blink Mini is not intended to be mounted and used through a window, but sometimes it’s just the best option available. 

If your area reaches temperatures that fall outside of the -4 to 113 degree Fahrenheit range, the outdoor camera won’t work for you anyway. 

If you don’t feel comfortable mounting a camera outside, either due to your apartment’s regulations, lack of accessibility (especially for multi-story homes, condominiums, or apartments), or because you don’t want your camera to be easily accessible or seen by the public, then mounting a Blink Mini inside the window could be the best option. 

Of course, using what you have is always best too.

If you don’t have an outdoor camera, then the Blink Mini can bring a peace of imperfect piece of mind. 

Blink Mini doesn’t have good visibility during the dark, but you can fix this with a few adjustments. 

Final Thoughts 

Even though Blink Mini is not intended to be used in windows, it is sometimes a necessity. Whether you can’t access the area outside your window, or you want to protect the camera from outside influences, your climate is too severe, or you just don’t have an outdoor camera, pointing a Blink Mini is a good option for some circumstances.

Visibility is slightly reduced but overall good for the situation, and I’m pleased with the results.