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Can I Use Venmo Without The App? (Explained)

Can I Use Venmo Without The App? (Explained)

If you are wanting to use Venmo for money transactions, but aren’t quite sure where to start, we are here to help. Are you wondering if you can use Venmo without the app?

The quick answer is, no. You will definitely need the app to use this service.

You will also need to adhere to the other Venmo requirements which include: residence in the US, a US cell phone that is not already associated with another Venmo account, 18 years or older, an app that is currently updated. 

Feel like you still need a little more clarification. Let’s dive into each of these requirements to learn more about this great money technology. 

Why Can’t You Use Venmo Without the App?

Venmo is a mobile device app. This technology was created to be used only this way. In order to access the Venmo financial services, you must download the app on your device.

If you do not have a device that would support the app, then you will not be able to use Venmo services. 

Venmo was created to be a super convenient way to deal with money transactions in a mobile way. This means you do not need to be sitting at a computer to complete a transaction. It also means you do not need to physically visit a bank of financial institution to complete transactions.

In the long run, this is actually far more convenient for people and this is why the services are provided through a mobile device app

Venmo Requirements 

To make the most of your Venmo experience, you need to be aware of the Venmo requirements for use. Each of these requirements are set up to ensure safety and security for users. Let’s look closely at each requirement individually.

Physically located in the US

Venmo is a US based company that only provides financial services to US residents. This requirement helps to ensure safety and security. Security measures in different countries can differ greatly.

Venmo is bound by US financial laws and the users of Venmo are bound by these same laws. If Venmo were available internationally it would be difficult to monitor that users were all abiding by the same financial laws. 

Venmo is not set up to work internationally, and so any user must be located in the US. 

US registered cell phone

Venmo is a mobile digital wallet app, so it must be registered on a mobile device and registered under a cell phone. This phone must be a US registered cell phone. Again, this is for security purposes. Venmo can more easily monitor security issues when all users have submitted a US registered cell phone

In the unlikely instance of security breaches, this cell phone number will allow Venmo to track suspicious activities more easily to keep their legitimate users safe.

18 years or older

In order to use the Venmo app, you must at least 18 years of age. This requirement is in place because Venmo is a financial app and in the US 18 is the age of legal adulthood and accountability for legal issues. Children and teens should not be using Venmo.

The exception to this rule is that if the age of majority is different in your state, then the age of majority for the state would apply for use of this app. You will need to check and see what the age is where you live. 

People who are younger than 18 should look into other types of digital wallet systems to see which one would work for them. There are apps available that are designed to be used by younger people. 

Venmo updates must be current

Another requirement is that your Venmo app should be updated to at least version 7.32.0 or newer. It is very important that you keep up with updates. It is often very tempting to ignore updates because they seem annoying or time consuming.

Remember, though, updates are created to help you. They are there to increase the security of the app and to increase the ease with which you can use the app.

Ta avoid issues and problems with using your app in the future, be sure to always complete updates as they become available. 

Optional- Linked US bank account

This requirement is optional. If you want to be able to transfer money between your Venmo account and a bank account, you will need to go through the steps to link a bank account.

The account must be a US account and it must be linked and verified per Venmo requirements. 

Linking a bank account can really improve your Venmo experience and may be useful if you transact a lot of money each month.

When you are linking your bank account be sure that all information you submit is correct. Submitting false or incorrect information could complicate the linking process.