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Can’t see credit card on chase app: Here’s What To Do

Can’t see credit card on chase app: Here’s What To Do

The Chase app, designed for mobile device use and a counterpart to the Chase banking website, provides an accurate and portable window into a consumer’s account, both for banking as well as credit cards with Chase.

Programmed correctly, the summary page on the app will display the current balance of the holder’s credit cards as well as their bank account balance, assuming all are with Chase in some form or manner. However, this display isn’t automatic.

Sometimes credit cards have to be connected to the online authorization of the account, even if they already exist.

Under normal circumstances, a customer will see the bank accounts owned appear first under the title, Accounts.

Then the credit cards with Chase will appear second. If there is more than one credit card for the customer, the oldest one will appear first. Then, at the bottom of the app page there will be various links to open new accounts as well as guidance on spending and budgeting, credit score information, rates for borrowing, and car loan options.

Usually, at the very bottom of the page and scrolling down, there will be rewards for referrals and local physical branch information as well. Finally, the control menu will provide quicklinks to accounts, pay and transfer, planning tools, benefits and investing options.

Can’t See Credit Card on Chase App 

If a credit card is definitely owned but not appearing on the app when the customer logs in, the first thing to check is that the card is indeed a Chase credit card.

This will be obvious as Chase makes sure its logo is on the back of all of its VISA cards, regardless of motif or membership type.

The second step is to then make sure the account is connected or linked to the customer’s online access. This can be checked online at the Chase website.

Simply login, and look at the account displayed. If the credit card is not showing, then the app will be the same. The customer will need to contact customer service for a connection.

Remember, old cards that are closed, replaced or defunct won’t show. 

Why You Can’t See Your Credit Card on the Chase App 

Again, a number of reasons can contribute to not seeing a Chase credit card on the app. Not having a Chase credit card in the first place is a big one and a common mistake.

That said, sometimes when there are card changes, they don’t translate right away to the online account format, which then needs to be updated by Chase. Usually, on the Chase website, there is a link to request an existing account be linked to a customer’s online access. 

What to do When You Can’t See Your Credit Card on Chase App

The big thing to remember is not to panic. The lack of display doesn’t mean one’s credit card is suddenly cancelled. Instead, the account information simply hasn’t been connected to the online display for the customer.

This is handled by different authorizations in the Chase network.

Most times, the display update is automatic after a Chase employee creates the account. However, sometimes, an update, account change or similar gets missed. It still exists but the last step just didn’t occur. 

To get things going again, there is typically a link on the Chase website itself after logging in to update and connect to a missing credit card. If this doesn’t work, then the customer can contact customer support a number of ways to get the update done proactively. 

Contacting Chase Customer Support 

Getting a hold of Chase and help can be done a couple of different ways. The most traditional and old-fashioned, but sometimes very effective depending on your geographic location, is to simply go to a local branch and ask the personnel to update the account.

They have access at the bank and can check it, confirm the display is missing or working, as well as troubleshoot any problems with account access.

Alternatively, if working online only, one can either email Chase through the online account or try the chat help option. Chat does provide a direct connection, but it may take time for a response to happen, depending on busy times.

Finally, one can call customer support by phone, and the number is on the back of all Chase credit cards. However, this can take up to a few hours to get someone, also dependent on busy times and availability.

How long Does it Take for a New Credit Card to Show on Chase App?

Once updated, the account connection goes very quickly. Most instances, the credit card account appears as soon as the customer logs out and logs in again after the change is made.

In some delayed cases, it may take up to a day to appear, such as trying to make the change on a weekend. 

Final Thoughts

The Chase app works extremely well and is very convenient for credit card and bank account management with Chase.

If an account is missing in the display, it can easily be updated with a little bit of effort. Just be patient, try the available links on the Chase customer website, and then ask for help if it still doesn’t work.