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Chase Credit Card Name Change: Here’s What To Know

Chase Credit Card Name Change: Here’s What To Know

If you are newly married or simply want to alter your name, some legal processes need to be completed for a name change to become official. However, even while changing your name may be complete, it hasn’t been completed everywhere, and issues like credit cards are still involved. Given this, how can you update the name on your Chase credit card?

Chase requires their clients to submit a name-change request form. The form must be printed out and manually filled out and can be submitted in various ways after you’ve finished. If you want to submit the form by email, the form needs to be filled out, dated, signed, and proof of identity attached.

Although changing your name on your credit accounts isn’t necessarily difficult, the procedure might be time-consuming if you have many credit cards from several banking institutions. Fortunately, the process may be much more straightforward if you know where to start and what to do.

Steps Required To Change Your Name On A Chase Credit Card

If you recently had a name change procedure, you are likely prepared to alter the name on your credit card. In that event, take the following actions:

1. Obtain New Government-Issued Identification

Make sure your name is legally changed on your Social Security card, driver’s license, passport, and other government-issued Documents once you go through legally changing your name. For example, as you change your name with Chase Bank, you’ll probably need to provide proof of identity.

Chase cannot process a name change with only a copy of your Social Security card. As a result, a driver’s license, passport, and other US government-issued supporting documents should suffice. So be sure to access these documents before attempting your name change.

2. Download The Chase Name Change PDF

You must fill out a form and send it to the bank to finish the procedure. On this form, you will input the old and amended data. You can find a collection of printable forms here or on the Chase website that you can fill out digitally or by hand after printing.

The form is easy to understand, and you must fill out the last part with your new identification after providing information about your bank accounts and why you changed your name. 

3. Submit The Name-Change Form

You can submit the form in various methods, including through the bank’s online Secure Chat, post-mail, faxing, or in person at the bank’s offices. Here below, we’ll quickly go through each approach:

Online Secure Chat

Log into your account on the Chase website and navigate to the Secure Messaging panel. 

Once there, select New Message> Select a query concerning one of your accounts> select “Other Inquiry” begin a chat by informing the request for a name change, followed by uploading the name-change form and all the required ID documents, then send it through.

Ensure to scan any ID documents that are not saved on your computer or mobile. 

Mailing Via Postcard

Fill out the form from your online browser or by hand, then date and sign it. Along with all the required copies of ID documents, you can post them to the following address: 

JP Morgan Securities LLC 

Attention: Account Name-Change Processing 

IL1-0291 4th Floor 

131 South Dearborn Street 

Chicago, IL 60603-550

Fax Through The Documents

A printer and maybe a fax machine are required. Using Acrobat Reader or your browser, complete the form. Print the filled-out form, sign it, and have it notarized if necessary.

Then, fax the form to 800-805-3909 along with all the proof of identification documents.

Deliver Forms In Person

To perform this process in person, you must fill out the form and attach copies of your proof of ID documents. Then, if you have a Chase credit card, you may schedule an appointment by calling the number on the back of your card.

To get help with your name change request, you may also phone 1-800-935-9935 or go and stand in line at your nearby Chase branch.

Final Thoughts

Chase Bank has an excellent reputation for customer service amongst most review sites. As a result, a credit card name change should be straightforward as long as you have all the supporting documents.

So be sure to be prepared and don’t forget that you cannot only use your Social Security Card and will be required to support with at least one more supporting document to prove your identity.