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5 Reasons Why Your Chase credit Card Is Not Showing In The App

5 Reasons Why Your Chase credit Card Is Not Showing In The App

Chase Credit Card Not Showing in App

Some people are having trouble getting their Chase Credit card to appear in the app. This can be somewhat disconcerting.

But there are ways to handle this problem. Most importantly, it does not mean that something is wrong with your Chase account, that you have had your personal data stolen, or anything else a problematic as that. It is really just a minor problem and an inconvenience that is usually easy to fix.

Here, we will explain why a Chase Credit card might not show up in the app and how you can get it to appear in the app.

Two years ago, this problem started showing up quite a bit with Chase card users.

One commenter on Reddit wrote, “[…] I can’t see my see sapphire card on my account. It’s not showing up when I log on the chase app. I tried logging in on the computer as well and it doesn’t say anything about my new sapphire card balance. Do I have to wait for this to be resolved?

This is a fairly standard form of this relatively common problem. There are a few simple reasons why this might be happening. In the above example, a customer service operator was not available due to COVID restrictions in 2020.

Today, the problem is better understood, and help should be available when you need it.

Why Won’t my Chase Credit Card Show in the App

The simplest explanation is that the card might be hidden. Users have the option to manually hide a card on their account. If you happen to have done this accidentally, then it can be something of a bother. In that instance, you are likely to think something has gone wrong.

But you should be able to go into the settings and make cards that have been made invisible visible again. Otherwise, a customer service rep should be able to restore its visibility for you or walk you through the steps to do it yourself.

Another possibility is that if you activated a card or started a new account on a Friday, the system might need to get through the weekend before it will update and show your new card.

Finally, if you are not the primary signer on a card, it may be invisible to you. In this case, the primary signer will be able to see the card when they log in to the app.

Can I Get my Chase Card to Show in the App

In almost every case, waiting a weekend, deselecting the invisible setting, determining who the primary account signer is, and/or talking with a customer representative will result in a fix for this common problem. These kinds of problems are less common today, but Chase have had plenty of experience helping customers work through them. So the chances are high that the representative you speak to will have an answer ready when you call.

When these kinds of problems first started cropping up, the software was new and COVID restrictions were making it hard for people to contact a service rep. Today, most of these problems should be easy to fix.

How Would I Get my Chase Card to Show on my Account?

Up to a year ago, people were still reporting this problem, but with slight variations. Sometimes a user’s checking account or profile will use the person’s full middle name. Conversely, the Sapphire Preferred account will use just your middle initial.

This means that your accounts will have to be linked manually by a Chase customer service representative.

If you call the customer service hotline number on the back of your Sapphire card, you should be able to talk with someone who can connect your accounts. After the accounts have been linked, your card should show up on the mobile app right away.

Final Thoughts 

The main reason problems like this are fairly common is because they are a side effect of digital security measures.

Often, when people’s bank accounts are connected to online services, the system will be designed to err on the side of security. Naturally, this can mean that features meant to protect your data and your money might cause you an inconvenience.

However, Chase customer service is now quite familiar with the problem of Chase Bank cards not showing up in the app. 

In the worst case scenario, a representative should be able to walk you through the settings or fix the problem manually.