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Dell XPS Flashing Orange Light (Explained)

Dell XPS Flashing Orange Light (Explained)

In this article, the flashing orange light on Dell XPS laptops is discussed.

Among the topics mentioned are what the flashing light means, its codes, how many times it flashes related to the battery, and an example troubleshooting item

Dell XPS Flashing Orange Light

There are a few ways a Dell XPS laptop alerts you to an issue. The most obvious is related to messages that appear on the computer’s monitor.

For example, “No boot device detected” means there’s a problem with hardware or software that must be addressed to reach the operating system.

Previous XPS models also provided a combination of beeps.

These corresponded to different operations. In some cases, one or a series of beeps were connected with a corresponding message.

Current XPS laptops eliminated sound alerts. Instead, they’re now replaced with a combination of flashing lights, one orange (amber) and the other white. How many times they flash depends on the issue.

The orange light is also connected to situations with the battery. When it flashes it means the battery is low. When it’s a steady orange light it means the battery is almost out of its charge. 

Dell XPS Amber Light Codes

The light codes blink amber first then white.

There’s a 1.5-second delay between both. When the sequence completes it starts again after another 1.5-second delay. 

As an example, the code that represents a problem with the central processing unit (CPU) is a twice-blinking amber light, a delay, a single blink of the white light, and a repeat. 

Below are the most common amber and white light codes.

  • 2,1 A CPU failure
  • 2,2 Failure of the basic input/output system (BIOS) and read-only memory (ROM) on the motherboard
  • 2,3 No random access memory (RAM) was detected
  • 2,4 Failure of the RAM
  • 2,5 Memory cards are improperly installed
  • 2,6 Errors with the system board or chipset
  • 2,7 Failure of the liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • 3,1 CMOS battery failure on the motherboard
  • 3,2 Failure of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus, video card, or chip failure on the motherboard
  • 3,3 Recovery image isn’t found on the system
  • 3,4 Recovery image was located but is invalid or corrupted

Dell XPS Battery Light Flashing Orange 4 Times Then White

When the orange light flashes 4 times followed once by the white one the issue is connected with the battery and the adapter.

Though the Dell XPS doesn’t have an issue powering up with the power cord this combination signifies a problem charging the battery.

To determine the exact cause troubleshooting needs to be done through the system setup menu. 

Once the computer starts up press the F2 key two to three times.

This brings up the BIOS menu. Under the Main tab find the selection for AC Adapter Type.

If working properly, then the adapter should have a name linked to it.

If it says Unknown or None, then the power cable isn’t recognized by the system. Power down the Dell XPS and reseat the adapter to the electrical outlet and the laptop. Start it up again and repeat the diagnostic process.

Should the status still read Unknown, then the power cord must be replaced.

This is the only way to properly charge the battery. 

How Do You Fix A Dell Computer That Flashes The LED Code 2 4?

A combination of two amber flashes and four white flashes represents a problem with the RAM. Although a 2,5 combination means the memory isn’t properly set, it could still be an issue with the LED 2,4 code.

So, power down the laptop and remove the casing.

Make sure your hands are clean and you are hooked to an anti-static mechanism to prevent electric shocks.

Check the RAM to see if it’s firmly set in its slots. Any cards that feel loose should be removed and replaced. 

Put the cover back on and see if you still receive the 2,4 error. If so, then the issue could be related to something on the motherboard.

It’s best to contact Dell support to further troubleshoot the issue. 

Final Thoughts

The orange (amber) LED on Dell XPS laptops is related to the battery. It’s also connected to a mechanism that alerts the owner to an issue through a series of blinking lights.

The number of orange and white flashes represents a different error. For instance, a 4 (amber) and 1(white) code mean there’s an issue charging the battery.