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6 Things To Know About Your Dell XPS Laptop Charger

What charger goes with the Dell XPS laptop? That’s a question that you’ll need to answer if you want to ensure that you always have access to charging power for your unit. Each laptop comes with a standard charger that you can use in your home or any public outlet. However, you may want to purchase a backup charger for your device in case the one you have stops working or gets lost. You might also want a charger that offers more flexibility, such as the option to charge your laptop in your vehicle. Here’s some information about the charger for your Dell XPS device.

Dell XPS Laptop Charger

Many of the newest Dell XPS laptop units are compatible with the latest charging technology called USB-C with PowerDelivery 20v. This may be displayed as an additional port on the laptop. Some laptops have a standard 3.5 or 4.5mm charging port, and some have room for an additional USB-C connection. 

The benefit of using a USB-C charging device is that it will allow users to transfer or receive information and charge their units. Some of the USB-C cables also carry much more power than the standard chargers, which means that laptop owners can charge their units at a much faster pace than usual. The USB-C chargers are much more compact than the older and bulkier chargers, which means consumers can also save space when they’re on the go. 

What Charger Does a Dell XPS Use?

Dell sells many XPS models. The type of charger your unit takes will depend on which model you own. For example, the Dell XPS 11 and Dell XPS 12 can take a standard home charger. That charger connects to a 4.5mm port on the laptop and plugs into any home or public outlet.

The standard charger is rather bulky and can be a burden to carry around. The charger is 45W, 19.5v, and 2.31A. It is also compatible with a few of the XPS 13 models. These models may not support the latest USB-C technology. 

The newer XPS models, such as the XPS 13 and beyond, support the USB-C technology. The charger for that model is 45W USB-C, and it has the PowerDelivery 20v feature. That means you can purchase any charger that has USB-C PD technology, and it will work with your laptop as long as it delivers at least 45 Watts. 

The best way to determine which chargers are compatible with your specific device is to check the device itself, the user manual, and the manufacturer’s website. Visually, you can see which ports your laptop offers. However, you will receive much more precise specs by checking some of the other resources mentioned. You can even get the part or model number for your laptop and use that information to find compatible chargers. 

Do All Dell XPS Use the Same Charger?

Not all Dell XPS models use the same chargers. They do not have the same wattage requirements either. The Dell XPS 15 needs a charger that provides 130 Watts and 240 volts of input voltage, for example. An XPS 15 owner can use a standard charger with a 4.5mm tip or a USB-C charging device. 

Many of the other XPS models do not require as much wattage or voltage from the charging devices. They mostly require 45 watts. 

Can I Charge the Dell XPS 13 With USB-C?

You will be highly pleased to know that you can charge the Dell XPS 13 model with a USB-C charger. The 45-Watt charger can be purchased directly from Dell or through a third-party vendor. You can choose from a variety of cord lengths, depending on what you desire for your device. 

Can I Charge XPS With Macbook Charger?

You can charge some Dell XPS models with a Macbook charger. For example, you could charge the XPS 15 model with a Macbook Pro charger if you so desire. Both chargers use the USB-C PD technology. You may see some differences in the power draws and charging time in this situation, however. 

The differences will occur because the XPS 15 is set up for a 130 watt charger. The Macbook Pro charger is only 60 to 85 Watts. Thus, you might notice that the XPS 15 will only draw 60 watts of power from the Macbook Pro charger, even if it’s capable of drawing 85 watts. Additionally, it will take a much longer time for your unit to charge than if you use the correct charging unit for rit. 

On the other hand, you may be able to charge other Dell XPS models easily with a Macbook charger if you have an emergency. The charging should work as long as both units have USB-C PD technology. An XPS unit with a lower wattage requirement than the XPS 15 will most likely charge at the appropriate speed. 

Final Thoughts

The Dell XPS lineup of laptops has a broad range of chargers from which you may choose. The line offers flexibility for consumers who want to use a standard charging unit or laptop owners who want to explore the latest and greatest technology. 

The USB-C technology makes it easier for users to interchange their charging devices across units. The pricing for the Dell XPS charging units varies greatly, depending on factors, such as the technology, cord length, quality, and manufacturer. Some consumers may choose to purchase OEM parts, while others may search for any compatible parts that offer budgeted pricing. A world of options is available for replacement chargers, second chargers, or chargers with varying capabilities.

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