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Discover Student Card Denied: Here’s What To Know

Discover Student Card Denied: Here’s What To Know

There are no certainties in credit card applications, and some applicants have their Discover student card denied and wonder why. Let’s explore the reasons for a credit card denial and figure out how to reduce the chance of getting denied in the future. 

A denial is not, in fact, the end of the road, and under certain circumstances, you may have the opportunity to get that denial reversed.

Discover Student Card Denied

Many people begin getting credit cards as a student, and student cards are popular with college students, especially when they’ve never had a credit card before. However, some applicants find that their Discover Student card application is denied. 

Unfortunately, approval for the Discover Student card isn’t automatic, and some applicants aren’t approved for the card.

It may sound strange that someone with no credit history, like a student, might have their credit card application denied. However, Discover still requires that its applicants meet certain standards. Further, the company may deny an application that has mistakes in it, not realizing that the applicant made a mistake when they submitted it.

Why is My Discover Student Card Being Denied?

Common reasons a card is denied include having no credit history, having no or low income, and having too many recent credit card inquiries. 

Most of the reasons Discover might deny a credit card application are reversible or fixable. 

For example, a student may need to get a higher-paying or second job to show that they have enough income to make payments. Building a credit score with a secured credit card is helpful, too. Waiting to apply can help lessen the impact of too many recent credit card inquiries.

How Can I Get My Discover Student Card Accepted?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to build some credit history before getting a Discover Student card. 

One helpful way to get approval is to become an authorized user on another person’s account and then apply for the Discover Student card. Many students have parents with credit cards, and parents can add their children as authorized users. 

Accounts on which you’re an authorized user show up on your own credit report, even though you aren’t responsible for the card. When the primary cardholder keeps that account in good condition, it reflects well on the credit reports of the authorized users. In this case, the children of parents who have a credit card.

However, credit card denial isn’t the end of the world. In fact, a denial doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get a Discover student card. There are additional options for getting an application for a Discover student card accepted even after it’s denied the first time.

A credit card application denial may feel demoralizing, and you may think Discover made a mistake on your application. 

If you’re confident that Discover should have approved your application, they do have a phone number to call to request a reconsideration of a Discover It Student Cash Back application.

Call 1-800-347-2683, and request an additional review of the application. Although approvals aren’t a sure thing, the company will conduct a second review, which may result in a reversal of its decision to deny the application. It’s important to have a reason why Discover should reconsider.

Is It Normal for My Discover Student Card to Be Denied?

Approval for most credit cards is never guaranteed, and just because a student submits an application for a Discover student card doesn’t necessarily mean their application will succeed. 

Factors like income, credit history, and employment may impact whether the company approves or denies the application.

The good news is that it’s not tough to figure out why your application was denied. You’ll find a comprehensive list of reasons in the denial letter you receive from the company. Reasons for denial include having too many recent credit inquiries, having a credit history with late payments, and already having too many credit cards.

After receiving a rejection, all a student needs to do is read through the denial letter and the reasons for the denial. Fixing those issues should make it much easier to get a second application accepted. Sometimes, all it takes is time to fix the problems. For example, credit inquiries gradually impact a credit score less and less. A few months spent waiting before a second application might be all it takes to fix that problem.

Difficulty in Getting Discover Student Card

Students who are denied by Discover for their student credit card may need to make some changes in order to get their application accepted on the second try. 

Students commonly experience significant life events like higher income from new jobs and better credit scores from a longer credit history. 

Discover may approve a second application when a student experiences a change in their financial or credit health. It’s helpful to wait a few months before applying a second time, so the company doesn’t deny the second application because it was made too soon after the first.

Final Thoughts

Before applying for a Discover student credit card, it’s important for students to check their credit reports to make sure there aren’t any mistakes and that their credit score isn’t so low that Discover will deny the credit card application.

Accuracy in the application helps, too, to avoid denials. At the end of the day, a denial isn’t the end of the world. Application reconsiderations and applying at a later date may result in approval.