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Does chase app have face recognition? (Explained)

Does chase app have face recognition? (Explained)

The Chase Mobile App offers face recognition software to log into your account. This software is available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Financial institutions use facial recognition software to prevent fraud and add an extra layer of security to customer accounts. Chase is one of many major banks to use facial recognition for accessing customer accounts, in addition to American Express, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Adding layers of security measures to your financial account can help prevent fraud from occurring. In essence, you’re making it harder for hackers to get at your personal information. At the same time, this can make it difficult and, in some cases, time-consuming to access your financial account. 

Facial recognition software is the latest way to prevent fraud when logging into your bank account. In the past, many financial institutions used two-step verification procedures, such as logging in with the correct username and password and then providing a code to further identify you as the correct user. 

Now, you can use your face to unlock your account. It’s a much faster way than typing in a string of numbers, and in some cases can be more secure.

It might sound a bit like a spy movie, but it is certainly possible in the current times to access your financial accounts with facial recognition software. 

Does Chase App Have Face Recognition

Facial recognition is available on the Chase Mobile App, for both Android and iOS users. 

Also known as biometrics, facial recognition software is available on both major smartphone platforms. This software is called Face ID on iOS and Face Unlock for Android users. Smartphones that are biometric-capable are compatible with this feature to access financial accounts. 

Facial recognition software can be enabled on the Chase Mobile App through the menu. Simply navigate to “My Settings” and click the “Touch ID” option. This will allow you to set your preferences regarding this log-in method. 

Apple was the first operating system to gain access to biometrics on the Chase Mobile App in 2017. It wasn’t until June of 2020 that Android users had the same privileges. 

Is Face Recognition Available on Android and iOS?

Depending on the financial institution, both Android and iOS facial recognition software are available. 

Many banks have chosen to roll out their iOS platform compatibility first when it comes to biometrics. However, Android users can still use this software as well, though it depends on the financial institution and the compatibility of their smartphone. 

Why Do Banks Use Facial Recognition?

Banks use facial recognition software to improve security measures, prevent fraud, authenticate users, and provide peace of mind for their customers. 

Biometrics incorporates advanced algorithms that can distinguish between a live person and a recreated version, such as a digital or printed duplicate.

There are many techniques used by these software programs to identify when a real person is in front of the camera and when a likeness is being used. 

Implementing facial recognition software has allowed financial institutions to cut down on the amount of fraud occurring within the industry.

It also helps to improve security overall, as more and more authentication procedures create a higher wall over which hackers must climb. 

Many customers also prefer the peace of mind they receive from authenticating their accounts with biometrics. It adds a bit of a thrill to something we otherwise dread going through. We may not be spies trying to hack into an enemy server room, but where’s the harm in replicating that feeling even just a little bit?

Is Face Recognition Secure/Accurate?

The truth of the matter is that biometric software is still in its development stages. It’s not always as accurate as we’d like it to be, but it is increasing in accuracy. 

As a second or even third form of authentication, biometrics is not always accurate. They typically must be used in conjunction with another form of authentication, such as a password or security code. 

If you’re concerned about the security risks associated with biometrics, you’re not alone. Many people consider it possible for hackers to use images and videos from social media, but this is not the case. The majority of face recognition software requires a live person to confirm their identity.

Any discrepancies in the image/video presented are closely monitored for this purpose.

Which Financial Institutions Use Face Recognition Software?

Many of the major financial institutions allow customers to log in to their financial accounts with face recognition software. 

Here’s a short list of the most popular banks that use face recognition software:

  • Discover
  • Citi
  • American Express
  • Bank of America 
  • Wells Fargo

If your bank isn’t listed above, that doesn’t mean they don’t offer face recognition software. Speak with a representative from the bank to see what options they offer in terms of biometrics, as many companies have adopted the ability to log in with a fingerprint instead.

This is just another form of biometric security.

Final Thoughts

Biometric security measures, such as face recognition software, are becoming more popular as time goes on. Many banks allow this type of access to customer accounts, as long as your smartphone is compatible. Face recognition software allows financial institutions to keep their log-in processes secure and can prevent identity theft and fraud, too.

All the same, facial recognition software is nowhere near as sophisticated as the movies would like us to think it is.