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Does chase approve credit cards on the weekend? (Explained)

Does chase approve credit cards on the weekend? (Explained)

The waiting process can be pretty stressful when you’re applying for a credit card you’ve had your eye on for a while. Many card providers advertise instant approval but don’t always deliver on this promise. 

However, if you don’t receive the instant gratification you were looking for, all is not lost. Many people get a prompt stating that Chase will be in touch within 7 to 10 days regarding their application. 

Even still, waiting a week to 10 days can be a painstaking process, leaving many applicants counting the days until the calendar has elapsed the proper length of time.

Many questions arise during the waiting period – all generally valid inquiries regarding the approval process and things you can do to drum up information on your status

The following section highlights some of the most commonly asked questions during the approval waiting period. 

Common Inquiries During the Chase Approval Period

If you’ve ever had to wait for approval for a Chase credit card, you’ve likely raised at least one of the following inquiries: 

Does Chase Approve Credit Cards Over the Weekend? 

Many people ask questions regarding whether Chase approves cards on the weekends. The reason for these questions is that Chase sometimes delivers an error message prompting customers to contact a representative on Monday.

There are actually two answers to this question. Chase representatives do approve credit cards over the weekend. This is assuming that you filled out the application correctly.

Chase can deliver an approval or denial when you turn in a complete application. The messages stating that you’ll hear from someone in 7-10 days are triggered when they don’t have enough information.

But if Chase approves cards on the weekends, why would you receive a prompt telling you that you’re required to wait until Monday? 

While Chase approves cards on the weekends, they don’t verify information over the weekends. If you received a similar message or couldn’t obtain approval on a Saturday or Sunday, the chances are high that you left some pertinent information off of your application. 

Luckily, you can do a few things to avoid finding yourself in this situation, helping you avoid the anxiety-filled wait. 

Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Diversion to Monday

Use the following tips to avoid being put off until Monday when someone can verify your information: 

  • Make sure you fill out your application completely and accurately. Ensure your name is spelled correctly, your address is typed in properly, the zip code is in the correct order, and everything you’re supposed to answer receives the proper attention. 
  • Make sure the address you submit on the application matches the address on your license or identification card. This is one of the most common reasons for triggering the verification process. 
  • Be sure to input your birthday in the correct format with the proper dates. It seems silly, but it’s easy to have your finger slip or stick on a key for too long and accidentally fudge your birthday (or name). 

Final Thoughts

Waiting for approval can be frustrating – but honestly, if you require verification, it’s likely through an error on your part by submitting incorrect information.

Always double and triple-check before you submit, and the chances of instant approval are much higher.