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Does chase business have an app? (Explained)

Does chase business have an app? (Explained)

Chase offers all its customers to check their bank accounts using its mobile app, including business customers.

The Chase app allows businesses to check their account balance, download statements, and obtain vital information about their account and financial health. Using the Chase mobile app, it is also possible to link your business account to your personal account. 

Does Chase Business have an app? 

You can access your business account using the Chase Mobile App, available on Google Play, the App Store, or by texting “mobile” to 24273 for a link to download the app.

When logging in, use your Chase Business Online username and password. If your device is not already registered to the app, select “Request an Identification Code,” and then when you receive the code, enter it with your password. 

Is there a separate app for Chase business?

Chase does have a mobile app for business, which is known as the Chase Mobile App 2.

This app allows you to manage and access your business account on the go, including sending payments to anyone or any company in the United States quickly and securely. 

Why can’t I see my business account on the Chase Mobile App?

Several factors may cause your business account to not appear on the Chase Mobile App. One reason may be that the business account was not registered or signed up for mobile access. Another reason is that the business account may not have been linked to your account. 

For further assistance and help to see your business account on your Chase Mobile App, call Chase Customer Service or check the website for help troubleshooting the problem. 

How do I add my business account to my Chase Mobile App? 

The best way to see your Chase Business account via the Chase Mobile App is to link your business and personal accounts. To see your personal and business accounts here is how to link them all together:

  1. Sign in to your Chase Mobile App
  2. Choose “Profile & Settings” (top right corner)
  3. Under Account Settings, select “Manage Linked Accounts”
  4. Choose “Show My Accounts” (eligible accounts will appear)
  5. Select “Link Relationship”
  6. Select “Link Relationship” again to confirm

Can I add an authorized user to my Chase business account? 

It is possible to add someone to your Chase business account, but this can only be done by visiting a Chase bank branch together.

In addition, the person you want to add must bring in two forms of identification before Chase can add them to your business account

How do I add someone, giving them access to my Chase Business account? 

It is possible to add a user to your business account using the Chase Mobile App. Below are instructions on how to do this: 

  1. Sign in to your Chase Mobile App
  2. Select “Account Management” 
  3. Select “Access & Security Manager” 
  4. Select “Add an Authorized User”
  5. Fill in all required information about the person you wish to give access to your account
  6. Choose “Next”
  7. Finally, review the information and then select “Add User”

Contacting Chase Business customer service 

Do you still have questions about your Chase Business account and how to view it using the Chase Mobile App? Check the Chase website for their FAQ section or call the Chase Business Customer Service number at 1-800-CHASE38 (1-800-242-7338). 

Can authorized users see my Chase Business account statements? 

When the original person on the business bank account authorizes a second user, that user will be granted access to the account. Though they may not receive paper bank statements in the mail, they can access them using the Chase Mobile App or logging into the website. 

Owning a business can be chaotic, and having access to your business account via your Chase Mobile App can help ease some of those stresses. Using the Chase Mobile App can provide access to all your accounts from your phone, making it possible to monitor all activity and help keep your business’s finances up-to-date. 

Benefits of having a Chase Business Account

Business owners can significantly benefit from banking with Chase, including access to many account features. Some of the benefits available with a Chase Business Account include: 

Benefits to using the Chase Mobile App for your business account

Using the Chase Mobile App to stay on top of your business bank account offers many benefits. Popular benefits enjoyed by Chase Mobile App users include: