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Does Chase Have A Desktop App? (Here’s What To Know)

Does Chase Have A Desktop App? (Here’s What To Know)

While, like most banks, Chase does have a user-friendly mobile app, however maybe those out there may wonder if they also have a desktop app.

Chase does not have a specific desktop app, and the bank can only be accessed via desktop through its website, which does not provide a standalone app interface. However, Chase has partnered with Shift, and through the shift platform, one can access Chase and other bank and email accounts.

We shall look at the Shift platform option and determine how necessary a desktop app is in the current mobile connectivity world and the best ways to access their desktop site.

Does Chase Have A Desktop App?

Chase does not have a standalone desktop app interface. Like many banks and other platforms, use of their desktop site is via a browser-supported website.

Their mobile app, on the other hand, does not require a browser and can be downloaded to a mobile device from various app stores.

What Is A Desktop App?

A desktop app works much the same as a mobile app might. Once downloaded, it can function without working through an internet browser. Websites require the use of an internet browser to function.

Chase, at present, does not have its desktop app that can be downloaded to function without prior use of an internet browser.

What Desktop-Accessible Options Are There For Chase?

Although there is no official Chase desktop app, there are still desktop-accessible options available.

You can access your chase account via the Chase website or download the Shift app.

Accessing The Chase Website:

The Chase banking website can be accessed via the site website through following internet browsers:

  • Chrome 72.0 
  • Firefox 76.0
  • Safari 12.0
  • Microsoft Edge 16.0

The versions listed are the minimum requirement, with more recent versions being accepted.

The browsers need to be the officially released versions, as the Chase website will not run on Beta or development browser software.

With regards to operating systems, the Chase banking website will require at least a Windows 7 OS or at least a Mac OS 10.10. 

How To Use Chase Via The Shift Platform

Although Chase does not have its desktop app, it can be accessed via the Shift app, which functions similarly to a desktop app. 

By downloading the Shift app, you can link various bank accounts, such as your Chase account, along with other functions like email, and access them directly from the Shift app in much the same way as one would access them if they had their desktop apps.

The Shift app is available on both Windows and Mac and will need recent versions for proper functionality.

Chase Mobile App

Like most banks, Chase also has a fully functional mobile app, which, with the proliferation of mobile devices, is the easiest way to do one’s banking. The Chase mobile app is compatible with select smartphones and devices and is available via either the Play Store or the App Store. 


Although Chase does not have a standalone desktop app, its online banking system can be accessed via the chase website through most internet browsers, provided they are more recent versions.

Shift provides an alternative app platform from which one can access Chase banking and serves as a desktop app. The other alternative is using the Chase mobile app on a compatible mobile device.