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Does Chase Have an App to Deposit Checks? (Explained)

Does Chase Have an App to Deposit Checks? (Explained)

Chase has an app called Chase Mobile®. This app is versatile and works on any electronic mobile device. Depositing checks is incredibly simple and takes a few minutes. 

The Chase Mobile® app allows users to deposit checks online. Chase clients can use Chase QuickDepositSM. This Chase Mobile® feature presents an easy and effective way to deposit checks electronically. Online banking with Chase is trouble-free. Download the Chase Mobile® app from Chase’s website. 

When depositing checks with the Chase Mobile® app, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, your account deposit limit, endorsing the check and retaining it for the necessary time.

Downloading the Chase Mobile® App to Deposit Checks

Firstly, ensure you have the Chase Mobile® app. Mobile Banking is on the Chase website. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat hidden- at the bottom of the page in small, inconspicuous font. 

Therefore, it’s best to type “Chase Mobile® app” in your search engine. After searching for “Chase Mobile® app,” go to the desired page. 

On the left of the web page is an icon for apple users, and on the right is an icon for android users. Simply tap and start downloading. Users must then log in and verify their Chase account

Simple Steps to Depositing Checks with the Chase Mobile® App

Step 1

  • After logging in to your Chase Mobile® app, select the Pay and Transfer icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 2

  • On the Pay and Transfer screen, six icons are arranged. The Deposit Checks icon is on the user’s bottom right, the last of the six.

Step 3

  • Select Deposit Check by tapping on the icon. Users must then choose the right account. 
  • Once selected, type in the amount reflected on the check. Be mindful of your account deposit limit.  

Step 4

Step 5

  • Tap the auto-capture option. 
  • Position the check in the center of the frame of your electronic mobile device. 

Step 6

  • Once the check enters focus, the picture will automatically capture. 
  • Endorse your check, write “for electronic deposit for Chase only,” and sign it. 
  • Then select Next. 

Step 7

  • Now position the back of the check within the center of the mobile device’s frame. 
  • Once the image gains focus, the picture of the check will automatically take. 

Step 8

Step 9

  • Then tap Deposit and confirm with Yes. 
  • After a moment, the check will be registered with Chase. 
  • You can then deposit another check or tap done. 

When Will the Deposited Check’s Funds Show in My Chase App?

Usually, if the check is deposited before 11 pm ET, it will reflect on the following business day. Chase clients will be notified by email and update users as soon as funds are available. 

It’s important to wait for two business days before discarding the check. 

Immediately after you’ve banked the check, write “deposited” and the date on the front. Keep the transcribed check for either two days or until Chase notifies you. 

Occasionally, a situation may arise whereby your funds could be on temporary hold for several days. Retaining your check safeguards against fraud, fees, or overdrafts. 

Final Thoughts

The Chase Mobile® app has a deposit check feature called QuickDepositSM. This is simple to operate and saves time. All that’s required is a short series of tapping and ensuring the amount is correct. 

Endorse the check at the back. Mark “deposited” and the date on the front after banking the funds. Remember to wait two business days before discarding the check.