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How do I add another card to my chase account? (Explained)

How do I add another card to my chase account? (Explained)

Having a banking card on your person is not only convenient, but also required in many situations when certain vendors don’t accept cash.

Even though having cash on you can be a good idea at times, you’ll still need multiple payment options just in case the situation demands it. 

To prevent awkward situations, would it be a good idea to own multiple cards?

In this article, we’ll discuss whether owning multiple cards and accounts is a good idea, what Chase and other banking institutions offer, and some do’s and don’ts of owning multiple banking cards

How do I add another card to my Chase account?

By using your online Chase profile.

Most folks out there can add another card to their Chase account by logging in to their online profiles and requesting a change. There should be a “person” symbol at the top right corner of your screen. Click there. Then, two key words to look out for are “Profile & Settings,” and then “Manage linked accounts.” 

Next, click on “Show my accounts” and you might see other accounts that you can link with your current login profile. Then click “Link relationship” twice on the account you want to add and confirm. 

Chase will then send you a notification confirming that the accounts, and therefore cards, have been linked. If you want to remove any accounts in the future, you’ll have to call the Chase technical support line at 1 (800) 242-7338. 

Can I have two cards for the same Chase account?


As mentioned earlier, going online and making the change seems the way to go.

However, doing so on your phone might be a bit different than what the previous process described.

Some Chase users have even made the claim that you have to click on the three bars on the upper left corner of your screen to start the change. If, for whatever reason, you’re still having trouble, it might be time to call a Chase customer service line to help link your accounts. 

Should I have two cards for the same Chase account?

It’s up to you, but exercise caution.

Owning two cards, such as credit cards, for the same account comes with both pros and cons. It’s a mixed situation that ultimately depends on you, the account holder. 

The answer to this question gets a bit more complicated than that.

Whereas owning multiple credit cards certainly comes with advantages, such as having a backup in the case one stops working for whatever reason, there are also disadvantages such as having to pay more annual fees. 

Also, keep in mind that you have to consider why you need two credit cards in the first place. Are you worried about one getting stolen?

Do you need separate cards for personal and business activities? Do you travel a lot and want to accumulate travel points? The point here is making sure you have a good reason for having two credit accounts. 

With that being said, Chase offers deals like Chase Freedom Flex and Chase Freedom Unlimited credit cards, which can both combine to earn a good chunk of cash back.

When staying with one bank, it’s also possible to pool credit points together the more you use them in tandem.

However, this won’t be the case with every credit card combo you go with, so speak with Chase (or whichever bank you’re with) to get a good sense on what deals are available. 

Now for the disadvantages. Even though Chase offers card sharing with a loved one, don’t forget that adding another credit card to your account also comes with extra responsibilities.

Aside from the additional annual fee you’ll have to pay, you’ll also have to keep careful track of your accounts to ensure you don’t go into debt

It’s also likely that credit card issuers will see you as more risky than other clients should your spending habits increase. This can affect your overall credit score, and make it harder for you to apply for any future cards. 

Another issue you could run into is that should one card get stolen, your bank, Chase or whoever, might lock all the accounts you have to prevent your funds from being stolen. Even though your bank will be looking out for you in that case, it can also be highly inconvenient to have no cards to use in the meantime. 

There is good news, however. You can greatly reduce the frequency of disadvantages by implementing strategies like periodically checking your bank balances every couple of days or so. Even though having multiple lines of credit can boost your credit score, banks care more about how you use your credit cards rather than how many accounts you have. In short, spend reasonably and pay close attention to your bank statements. 

What customer service lines does Chase offer?

Ones for personal banking, home lending, and more!

Chase provides multiple lines for their customers to call. Online advice might not have all the answers, so try seeking out an expert should all else fail. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s not forget, before getting another card in the first place, Chase (and other banks) need to have your accounts linked together beforehand.

Banks are also wary about who applies for cards and how often, so it really helps to pay careful attention to your overall spending habits before applying for an additional card.