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How Does My Child Use The Chase App? (Explained)

How Does My Child Use The Chase App? (Explained)

In today’s world, your children are never too young to learn how to manage their money correctly. The Chase mobile app does a phenomenal job of teaching children how to spend, save and earn. Let’s see how it does this and how they use it.  

Your child must install the Chase app on their phone and log in with the credentials you provide after creating the bank account for them. In the app, they can “spend” using the debit card, “save” for anything they like, and “earn” money by doing chores and getting an allowance. 

We will detail in this article how your child can use the Chase app and learn how to work with the money, including working through chores to get paid, saving for college, and more. The app is loaded with features that are customizable. Let’s see what they are. 

How Does My Child Use The Chase App?

Learning about allowances, spending, and budgeting should be high on the priorities list in terms of what you should be teaching your children, and based on PolicyGenius’s research, almost 63% of parents are teaching these concepts to their kids. 

The Chase mobile app makes this possible with great features that allow parents to set up an account for their children, giving them a “hands-on” approach to learning about money concepts.

To use the Chase app, your child will only need to download it from one of the app stores (Google or Apple), depending on what type of device they are using, install it, and sign in. 

What To Know About The Chase App For Kids

What To Know About The Chase App For Kids
What To Know About The Chase App For Kids

There are a couple of considerations that you will need to account for in order for your child to use the app

The first is that you (the parent) will need to set up a Chase First Banking account for your kid. This account is designed for children between ages 6 and 17.

Even though the account will be in your child’s name, it will still have to be opened under your main Chase bank checking account. These can include;

Once this is done, you and your child will be able to download the app, install it and access the account in question’s details. 

Take note that the parent will need to set up the profile (username and password) for the child’s account, and they will use this information when they log into the app

What Can My Child Do On The Chase App?

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What Can My Child Do On The Chase App?

The UI for the app your child has access to will have a number of features that you can adjust and set. There will be three tabs that can be accessed, which include the following;

  • Spend
  • Save
  • Earn

These tabs can be accessed from the home account overview section, where the total available balance can also be seen. 

The spend tab will allow your child to see how much money they have in total that can be spent.

There will also be defined categories in this section that show “on what” money can be spent using the kids Chase debit card. Parents can set these limits, and these categories can include shopping, restaurants, etc.

There will also be a request button at the bottom of this section where your child can request extra money from you.

They will enter the amount and category to which they wish to add the additional money, and a request will be sent to your (the parent’s) app for approval. 

The savings section lets your child set savings goals for anything they like, from awesome clothes to a college fund. 

As with the spending section, your child only needs to select the option to save and enter the goal amount and name. 

The earn tab is where their allowance and chores are and will be set by the parent. They can tap on chores to view any existing chores, and after they are completed, they will need to tap the “mark as complete” button.  

This will notify you (the parent), which will allow you to transfer the money to their account. 


The Chase app for kids is a great way to teach them about real-life situations involving money, such as saving, earning, and spending. Everything from requesting extra money to working through their set chores can be done on the app, and the money in the account can be spent using the associated debit card.

The only thing you will need to consider is that you will need to open the account for your child and set up some of the categories, chores, etc. Additionally, you will need to set up and provide them with the account username and password when you initially set up the bank account for them.