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How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Keyboard And Mouse Gaming? (Explained)

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Making the switch from gaming with controllers to gaming on a personal computer with a mouse and keyboard can be difficult for many people but exactly how long it takes is up to each gamer.

Many gamers tire of always using a console with controllers for gaming and want to make the switch to using a PC but grapple with the prospect of learning how to control movements in each different game with a keyboard and mouse.

It can be very intimidating but most of those gamers who have made the switch are really glad they did.

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Keyboard and Mouse Gaming

While the experience for each gamer will be different, it can take a good amount of time to get used to gaming while using a keyboard and a mouse.

It will take approximately three to six months for a gamer who plays often to become a pro at it and possibly even more time for gamers who only play once or twice per week.

Is it hard to use keyboard and mouse for gaming?

The most difficult thing you should do first is to memorize the placements of everything on the keyboard.

By learning the correct placements of your fingers on the keyboard, it will become less difficult use to the keyboard.

Obviously, you should start by memorizing the keys on the keyboard, knowing how to place your fingers on it will help you tremendously in your quest to become familiar with it. It will help to use the bump that is located on the F key of all keyboards.

Learning the proper placement of the keys will allow you to become more confident in your ability to use the keyboard while gaming.

How do I get used to gaming with keyboard and mouse?

One of the main things you need to do while getting used to gaming with a keyboard and mouse is to NOT move the mouse with your wrist, even though you will be tempted to do so since small movements with your wrist can have a large effect on the movement in the game.

Mouse wrist movement causes high sensitivity which does not result in higher accuracy so you should aim the mouse with your elbow instead for more control.

You should also adjust the settings of your mouse for a sharper aim within the game you are playing through larger movements which will help build muscle memory to be able to achieve precise movements.

You can also turn off the mouse acceleration feature to allow your movements to become even more precise as well as more consistent.

Starting off with a slower-paced game will also aid you in getting used to the switch between a controller and a mouse with a keyboard for game playing.

Is gaming with mouse and keyboard better?

Gamers who have already made the switch from using controllers to utilizing a keyboard and mouse for gaming are finding that gaming is better once they made the switch.

Gamers cite three major areas of gaming that are improved tremendously by using a mouse and keyboard and those include the precision aiming we have already discussed as well as allowing the use of keybinds and hotkeys to game with along with macros.

All of these add up to most gamers preferring the use of a keyboard and mouse for gaming versus controllers.

Are FPS games easier with keyboard and mouse?

Although it is up to each gamer to determine if they are more comfortable playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse versus a controller, there are pros and cons to each.

Some games, such as Devil May Cry, require a controller to play effectively but ultimately, it is still up to each gamer to determine which method is best for them.

Why am I so bad with mouse and keyboard?

It may be a lack of consistency if you are a gamer who has a lot of difficulty in using a keyboard and a mouse for gaming.

You need to remember to keep the movements larger rather than shorter and to also keep the setting changes you made through the tips above to play each game as consistency is the key.

Consistency will help you to become a pro at using a keyboard and mouse versus a controller much sooner by providing you with tons of experience and knowledge.

Is it worth learning keyboard and mouse?

Most gamers will agree that is it is definitely worth the few months of consistent gaming that it will take for you to learn how to use a keyboard and mouse for gaming.

While some games will continue to be easier for you with a controller, the majority of them will work better with a mouse and keyboard for a much improved gaming experience.

Ultimately, it is up to each gamer as to how he or she approaches each game and gaming experience. Learning both methods of gaming will provide a gamer with the most experience and knowledge for a great gaming experience each and every time they play.

Apply these tips and use them to become a pro gamer at using a keyboard and mouse and have a great time with it. Happy Gaming!