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10 Steps For Adding Accounts To Your Chase App

10 Steps For Adding Accounts To Your Chase App

The Chase app is helpful since it allows users to keep track of charges, balances, payments, credit scores, and other information from their tablet or smartphone. Chase also allows users to add an external account to the app; however, this option may be difficult for newer users to find. So how do you add an account to the Chase app?

You can add an external or new account to your Chase app by logging in to your profile and navigating your checking account. By swiping left on your checking account panel and selecting the “Transfer” option, you would have access to many options, including managing and adding an external account.

By adding a new business or personal account into a single Chase profile, you can view all of your accounts on one page, eliminating the need for numerous usernames and passwords. But first, let’s look at the procedures to add an account to your Chase app.

How To Add A New Or External Account To Your Chase App

To add a new account, you must create an online profile for each account you wish to connect to the Chase app, whether a personal account or a business credit card. In addition, you must ensure that the account is activated if it is an account from a different bank. 

Of course, before you begin, you must ensure that you have the Chase App, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Once you are logged into the Chase app, follow the below steps to ensure that your new account is successfully added.

Step One: Go To Your Checking Account

Once you have signed into your Chase app with the chosen profile, navigate to the Checking Account pane and swipe left.

Step Two: Navigate To Transfer

After swiping left, you will be presented with three options. From those options, tap on “Transfer.”

Step Three: Access External Accounts

By selecting the “Transfer” option, you will come across the option to “Manage external accounts.” Tap that option.

Step Four: Choose Between A New Account Or Adding an Account

A new Accounts page will open, and you can see a panel called “Loans & Lines of Credit.” You can open a new account if you select the “Open an account option.” If you wish to add an account that is not a Chase checking or savings account, swipe left on the “Loans & Lines of Credit” tab and tap “Pay.”

Step Five: Adding An External Account

Once you tap on “Pay,” you will be directed to a new panel where you must select the “Add an external account” option.

Step Six: Choose Your Bank

You are now directed to a new page to choose from a list of banks and search for your bank to add your external account or savings account, and after you have selected your bank, tap “Next” to continue.

Step Seven: Go Through The Terms And Conditions

Read through the T&Cs, check the box to accept, and tap “Next” to continue.

Step Eight: Log Into Your Bank Profile

After accepting, you will be required to enter your login information for the bank account you want to link, then tap “Next” to continue.

Step Nine: Select The Account You Wish To Add

After a few moments, a list of your accounts associated with the bank you have logged into will be displayed. Next, select the accounts you wish to add to your Chase app. If necessary, you may also add a nickname for the account to quickly identify it in the Chase app. Once done, tap “Next” to continue

Step Ten: Confirm Selection And Proceed

You will be asked to approve your selection before proceeding. Go through the information and Tap “Next” to continue.

After moving forward, you will have completed the process and added the account to your profile which is ready to be used in the Chase app. If you have any problems, Chase Bank provides a helpful video guide on adding an account to its app. 

Final Thoughts

Although adding a new account to your Chase profile may seem tricky, it is well worth the trouble.

Chase is ideal for consumers who want access to many branches, do not require the highest interest rates, and can maintain a large enough balance to avoid a monthly charge.

Just don’t forget to ensure you use the correct information as you add your new account.