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How to cancel a payment on chase app? (Explained)

How to cancel a payment on chase app? (Explained)

Log in to your Chase account. Select Pay & Transfer from the navigation menu, and then select Payment Activity from the submenu. Select Auto loans or leases from the drop-down menu under MY CHASE PAYMENTS (PENDING/PAST).

Select “Cancel” next to the payment you no longer wish to make, and then confirm your selection on the screen that displays after that.

The personal banking and credit card services offered by Chase Bank are well-known among customers. Chase has about 4,700 physical locations and 16,000 automated teller machines nationwide. In addition to that, they provide a mobile banking app that is simple to operate.

A moment or two may come when you need to halt the payment you initiated before it is correctly completed. This may be the case despite whether you booked an online payment or mailed a physical check to make the payment.

You may have realized that you entered the incorrect information on a check, or you may have received news that they never delivered the check to the person or organization it was intended for. In the case that a check that you authored was stolen, the stop payment feature will also act to prevent fraud from occurring.

If you bank with Chase and want to halt a payment in person, there is a cost of around $30 associated with this service. The stop payment cost is $25 if you submit the request through Chase’s automated phone or online mechanism. This will save you some money. Specific customers are exempt from having to pay the fee.

It is impossible to cancel pending or bill payments made using any method other than Chase’s online billing services. It is impossible to cancel purchases once made because this indicates that you have already permitted payment from your account to a retailer.

That can only happen if you claim with the retailer, after which a refund will be deposited into the Chase account you used to purchase.

You must be familiar with the various options on the Chase website to cancel a payment. It can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for those with other pressing commitments. Once more, there is no assurance that you will receive the required assistance.

Using the Chase Mobile App, you can request a stop payment in the following manner:

  • Initiate Mobile Banking with Chase
  • Choose the bank account that you wish the payment to be canceled on.
  • To learn how to cancel a payment on a check, scroll down and click “Show more.”
  • Just click cancel next to the check you want to void.
  • Alternatively, you can add a new transaction by clicking “Add stop payment.”

If you want to request a stop payment, you can do so by signing onto and following these steps:

  • Enter
  • For more features on your account, click the “horizontal three dots.”
  • Choose “Account services.”
  • Select the check that you would like to have canceled.
  • OR, to add a new transaction, select “Add stop payment” from the menu.

Using Chase’s automated phone system is simple and straightforward if you would instead go that route. Dial 800-935-9935 to obtain instructions in English or 877-312-4273 to receive instructions in Spanish.

To access your checking accounts, press one, press one a second time after accessing your account details. To put a stop payment on a check, press the number six on your phone keypad.

Proceed by following the on-screen prompts to provide your account number and the check number in dispute.

Final thoughts

You can submit a stop payment request through or the Chase mobile app on your mobile device. If you have a checking bank account with Chase, you have the option to order checks.

Check out the most recent Chase coupons for new accounts to learn more about their banking options.

If a Chase customer needs assistance suspending a payment, they can either call their local branch or give the company a call themselves. The teller will require your full name, account number, and the number of the check you want to have a stop payment placed on.

When you ask for a stop payment at an ATM, some tellers will also note why you are doing so.