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5 Ways To To Change Last Name With Your Chase Credit Card

5 Ways To To Change Last Name With Your Chase Credit Card

We may change our last names when life happens, and we get married or prefer another name else. The next step is often to update our financial information. Would you know how to change your Chase credit card last name? Let’s look at a step-by-step guide on changing the last name on your Chase credit card! 

You can change the last name on your Chase credit card by completing an Account Holder Name Change Request form, downloadable from the Chase website. You can submit your form online via the Chase website and Secure Messaging, send it in the mail, or deliver it to Chase bank in person. 

Changing your last name on your Chase credit card requires that you meet a few criteria and provide specific documentation. Let’s explore each step more carefully, analyzing which documents are acceptable, what you need to complete, and the different ways you can submit your application. 

What’s Important About Chase Credit Card Last Name Changes? 

You may alter your last name on your Chase Bank credit card, but it also necessitates first changing official last name registered to your bank account.

What’s Important About Chase Credit Card Last Name Changes? 

To start the procedure, the will want to see the altered personal documents with your new name; to deliver a brand new social identity card bearing your new identification to the bank, for instance.

Even though this process is simple, it can take some time.

The bank will also freeze your account throughout the procedure, and until the bank has had enough time to confirm and alter the ownership, the money within will remain on hold.

Download The Account Holder Name Change Request Form 

This form requires that you input your current account information and state your reasons for wanting to change your last name.

Finally, you’ll need to fill out the new last name and related information at the bottom of the form. 

Due to the sensitivity of such an action, Chase is very strict regarding such actions and implements pre-requisites that every applicant needs to adhere to, namely:

  • Any legal documentation must come from an official US government source
  • A Social Security card is not sufficient as a standalone document for processing a name change
  • If Chase deems it necessary, they have the right to call you to confirm the name change before proceeding with the application
  • A name change request is not sufficient for shifting ownership of the account
  • The new last name that you provide must match all the supporting documents that you provide

Submit The Account Holder Name Change Form

Once you complete your form, you can choose to submit it via mail, an online request, through Secure Message on the Chase mobile app, or you can deliver it in person.


Sending Your Form Last Name Change Form Via Mail

If you choose to hand in the document via mail, complete the form by hand or computer, and sign and date it. Attach identification documents and send them to your nearest Chase banking institution. 

Submit Your Name Change Form Via Secure Messaging

If you own an online registered account on the official Chase website, this option is available to submit your completed form.

Scan your completed form. Access your Chase account by inputing your login details and selecting Secure Messaging from the app’s main menu. 

Then, choose the option titled New Message, then look for a feature called I need to know more about my accounts. After you locate the option, click on Other, attach the form as well as your identification documents, and hit Send.

Delivering Your Completed Form In Person

If you want to finish this process by going in to the bank, fill out the required document and put it with the original and necessary copies.  

To complete the procedure, call the number located at the back of the card and arrange an appointment. 

The bank can set up a meeting or help you right away, depending on your city of residence. You may also opt to contact customer care so they can begin to process your information telephonically. 

Can A Last Name Change Resolve Your Debt?

Many people think that by changing their name, they may get rid of debts when they are beyond their capacity to pay. However, names are not the only method banks use to identify the debtor.

Can A Last Name Change Resolve Your Debt?

Many aspects of the information you cannot change, such as your Social Security Number, address, or date of birth, allow a bank to learn about your credit history.

The identical data is maintained but with a different name when the issuer submits this to the credit agency.

Therefore, clarifying that your credit history remains strong in this situation is crucial. It keeps the same record as your previous identity while noting the name change. 


Changing the last name on your Chase credit card requires that you complete the Account Holder Name Change Request Form, which is free to download from the Chase website. Once you complete it, submit it via mail, online on their website via Secure Messaging, or by delivering it in person.