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How To Check Dell Charger Warranty | 5 Quick Tips

How To Check Dell Charger Warranty | 5 Quick Tips

The Dell Support website makes it easy to check the status of your charger warranty at any given time.

Most Dell warranties cover the computer and charger, but you may need to register the device first.

Keep in mind that coverage is usually limited to manufacturer defects — it doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear.

How can I check my Dell charger warranty?

To check the warranty on your Dell charger, visit the Dell support website, and enter your computer’s Service Tag in the search box.

Click on “View Warranty Details” to see the current status, coverage details, and expiration date of your warranty.

To locate the Service Tag on your computer, look for a small label on the bottom of the machine.

The tag will be clearly marked. If the sticker is damaged or missing, turn on the computer, and open the Command Prompt app.

Click in the window, type “wmic bios get serialnumber,” and press the Enter key.

The window will return two lines of text: “SerialNumber” on one line and the actual Service Tag on the next.

For Dell products, the Service Tag and the serial number are the same thing.

Once you find your Service Tag and enter it in the Dell support website, you can see all the information relating to your warranty.

Look for the start date and expiration date; if the warranty hasn’t expired, you can create a support request and submit a hardware diagnostics report.

A Dell service representative will follow up to walk you through the repair process. 

Keep in mind that this process only works for warranties you purchased directly from Dell.

If you have a third-party warranty, you’ll need to check the documentation and status on that provider’s website.

Are laptop chargers covered under warranty?

Most Dell warranties cover laptop chargers, as long as the damage is not due to incorrect usage or normal wear and tear. Your warranty will not cover a charger with physical damage.

If you buy a Dell warranty for your laptop, it covers the computer and the charger.

The coverage is limited to defects that originated with the manufacturer, such as faulty electronics or inexplicable power failures.

When this is the case, the warranty usually covers the cost of a repair or replacement.

The Dell warranty does not cover chargers that break due to improper handling.

One common example is cord removal — if you pull on the cord and bend the charger pin in the process, your Dell warranty will not apply.

Other charger damages that are not covered under a Dell warranty include:

  • Frayed cables and exposed wires due to wrapping or twisting the cord
  • Broken or bent adapter pins
  • Loose cables due to bent or damaged pins
  • Cut cables 

If your charger displays any signs of physical damage, Dell will most likely refuse your warranty claim. There’s one exception — if your brand-new laptop arrives with a damaged adapter, the company is likely to provide a replacement.

How do I register my Dell charger warranty?

When you buy a Dell product online through the Dell website, the warranty is automatically registered.

If you bought the computer and charger through a Sold by Amazon listing or at a retail store, visit the Dell Product Registration website to register the device and validate the warranty.

For third-party reseller purchases, you’ll need to register a Warranty and Ownership Transfer with Dell.

Dell offers different registration options based on how you purchased the computer and charger. Online sales through Dell are the easiest — you don’t need to do anything.

Of course, you can double-check the warranty dates at the Dell support website.

How can you tell if you need a product registration or an ownership transfer?

Check the purchase details.

A standard registration applies if you bought the computer at a store like Walmart or Best Buy.

For Amazon sales, look at the seller information. If the listing says “Sold by Amazon,” use the standard registration process.

If you bought your Dell laptop and charger using one of the following methods, you need to file a change of ownership:

  • Amazon Marketplace – Private sellers and Fulfilled by Amazon listings
  • eBay
  • Online shopping sites 
  • Private sale – Requires the previous owner’s information

When Dell accepts the transfer of ownership, any remaining time on the warranty will be transferred to you. For used Dell computers and chargers, the warranty may or may not be expired.

Are power adapters covered under warranty?

As long as the power adapter is the original model that came with the computer, it’s covered under your Dell warranty. The warranty only covers problems that originated with the manufacturer.

Check your manual for details.

If you’re buying a Dell computer directly from Dell, a Sold by Amazon listing, or a retail store, the power adapter will be covered by the Dell warranty.

For used and open-box purchases, make sure to check the product details. If the included adapter is a non-Dell aftermarket replacement, it will not be covered by your Dell warranty.

Final Thoughts

Most Dell chargers are covered by the device warranty, but you’ll need to register the device first. Once your products are registered in Dell’s system, the company’s support website makes it easy to check the warranty status and register a claim.

As long as the damage falls within the terms of the coverage, Dell will provide a repair or replacement charger free of charge.