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4 Ways To Delete A Bank Account From Chase Credit Cards

4 Ways To Delete A Bank Account From Chase Credit Cards

Chase has more than 5 000 branches nationwide and serves almost half of the United States households. If you have a Chase account, you might wonder how to delete or close your account. Read further to find out how. 

To delete your Chase bank account, you can visit the nearest branch and make a request. You can also call their customer service and request that your account be closed. Finally, you can visit their website and schedule a call if you want. When they call, inform them you want to close your account. 

It is easy to close or delete a Chase bank account. Unfortunately, you cannot do it via the app. Let’s look at how you can close your Chase bank account.

How To Delete Your Chase Bank Account

How To Delete Your Chase Bank Account
How To Delete Your Chase Bank Account

If you no longer need your Chase bank account, there are various ways to delete it. You can do so via the Chase website, visit your nearest branch, call customer service, schedule a call via the website with customer service, or mail them a letter. However, there is certain information you will need to provide to close your account.

Via The Chase Website

Go to the Chase website. To delete your bank account, you need an online account. If you have one, log in with your username and password. If you do not have a Chase online account, you can create one. 

To close your account, schedule a meeting with a bank representative and request to delete your account. They will usually call you back within two days after you request a meeting. 

Via A Chase Bank

Chase has over 5 000 branches, so chances are you live in a city with a Chase branch. If you live near a Chase bank, visit them and request to close your account. According to DoNotPay, Chase will need the following information from you:

This is the fastest way to close your account. 

Via Customer Service

You can call a representative and request that they delete your account. It might take one to two days to close your account.

To reach a representative, call 1 800 935 9935. You will also need the information above for your account to be closed. 

Via Mail

You can also send them a physical letter requesting to close your account. Call them beforehand to ensure you know exactly what information to include in your letter. Send the letter to:

National Bank By Mail

PO Box 36520 


KY 40233-6520


It’s easy to delete your Chase account. Just visit the nearest branch and request that they close it. Then, ensure that you all have the information they might need.

You can call a representative and make the request if you don’t live near a branch. You can also schedule a call with them on the Chase website. Alternatively, you can send a letter to their PO box.