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How to pay chase credit card from another bank: Explained

How to pay chase credit card from another bank: Explained

When you have a credit card account, your number one priority should be paying your balance on time. For some people, this means having different resources for settling your credit card bill. 

Usually, you’re required to link your bank account to your Chase credit account from the beginning. However, certain situations might require you to connect to a different account to take care of your balance. 

Continue reading to find out how to pay for your Chase credit card from another account. 

Why Would You Need Alternative Means? 

Plenty of things can happen when it comes to financial institutions. It’s possible your account linked to Chase was breached, and you shut the account down. 

Maybe you had to transfer funds out for some reason and can’t replace them until after your bill is due. Regardless of the reason, you must know how to connect to alternative payment sources. 

Options for Paying 

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Chase credit cards pertain to alternative payment methods. These range from paying with another account to paying with a debit card and another credit card. 

It’s possible to accomplish all of the above, but you must use the correct steps to complete the process. The section below outlines various methods. 

Paying Your Chase Credit Card With a Different Account

Paying your Chase credit card with a different account is pretty straightforward. Repeat the steps below to select a separate account for paying your bill. 

  1. Sign in to your Chase credit card account online. 
  2. Find and select the link that reads “Transfer Money.”
  3. Select the option for “Adding an external checking or savings account.” 
  4. You’ll have to look your bank up first. After finding the corresponding financial institution, read and accept the terms and conditions. After finishing, click the “Next” button. 
  5. You’ll be prompted to sign into the account you’re using to pay for your Chase credit card. Follow the prompt and click “Sign In.” 
  6. You’ll see the accounts you hold through that bank and the main account number. Select the specific account you wish to use and click “Next.” 
  7. Close out the window

After returning to the bill payment section, you’ll see the new account as an option for payment. 

Paying With Another Credit Card

If you want to pay off your Chase credit card using another credit card, you can conduct a balance transfer, but you can’t use another credit card to make your regular monthly payment. You’ll be denied when using a different credit card to make regular payments – recurring payments aren’t possible. 

Debit Card

Technically, you can’t pay directly from a debit card. However, by using the method described in the first set of steps, you can pay using the bank account to which any of your debit cards are connected. 

Final Thoughts

Your bank accounts are unpredictable, but there’s always a workaround in an emergency. One good strategy to practice is to set up a dedicated account solely for paying your credit card bills.

Don’t use these accounts for anything else – no ordering online using a debit card or anything that might cause potential complications.

This way, the chances aren’t as high that you experience a situation where you need to switch your primary method of payment.