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Is Dell XPS 15 good for gaming? 10 Things To Know

Is Dell XPS 15 good for gaming? 10 Things To Know

The Dell XPS is a great laptop and it’s good for gaming.

However, the laptop is not free of flaws.

Some people have complained about receiving a machine with a dead pixel, while others have said that it gets a bit warm on the bottom after a few hours of intensive use.

The XPS 15 is an excellent choice for gamers who don’t want to spend too much money. The quad-core processor and the Nvidia graphics card will ensure that you can play the latest games smoothly without any lag.

Is Dell XPS 15 Good for Gaming?

Yes, the Dell XPS is good for gaming.

The XPS 15 has been a top pick for many gamers who are in search of a premium laptop that can handle all their gaming needs.

It is good for gaming because of its powerful graphics card.

The NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti graphics card with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM packs enough punch to play most modern games at high to ultra settings.

Is Dell XPS 15 a Gaming Laptop?

The Dell XPS 15 is not a dedicated gaming laptop, but it does have the power to play your favorite games.

It’s equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card with 4 GB VRAM and can handle newer games on high to ultra settings at decent framerates.

The 1080p display is crisp and clear, with wide viewing angles.

You’ll also find that the XPS 15 isn’t as heavy or thick as other gaming laptops are.

The sleek aluminum design makes it easy to carry around, although you probably won’t be taking this one out of the house too often, thanks to its poor battery life.

Can You Use Dell XPS 15 for Gaming?

You can use the Dell XPS 15 for gaming, but it is not a dedicated gaming computer. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card which is capable of playing the latest games at high to ultra settings.

In addition to gaming, these laptops are also good for multi-tasking with their powerful Intel Hexa Core i7 processor.

They are also good for advanced graphical tasks such as editing 3D images and videos.

Does Dell XPS 15 Overheat?

The Dell XPS 15 is designed to use the latest cooling system.

It keeps your laptop working cool and quiet with advanced cooling technology. 

However, it can overheat if you use it in your lap or if you block the vents. Insufficient airflow due to dust build-up can cause overheating.

Prevent overheating by using it on a hard, flat surface.

Do not cover the vents on the bottom of the laptop. Avoid playing games for extended periods of time as they can cause it to overheat even if you are using it on a tabletop.

Dell Xps 15 Hot When Gaming

When you use your laptop for gaming, it can get quite hot and this may cause the fans to spin faster and louder.

However, Dell has used thermal engineering and an innovative cooling system that keeps your XPS 15 working cool and quiet.

Dell Xps 15 Shuts Down When Gaming

The Dell XPS 15 does have its limitations. Certain USB ports have also been an issue and have caused shutdowns.

Until recently, these laptops came with USB type-A ports instead of the new USB Type-C ports, which are extremely fast at transferring data.

This means that you will have to put up with slower data transfer speeds when using your gaming peripherals. So it may shut down when you are gaming. However, newer models do have USB Type-C ports.

Dell XPS 15 Performance Issues

This good laptop does come with some problems. Such problems include slower transfer speeds, pre-installed bloatware, and short battery life.

The battery life is shorter than average, especially when you are playing games.

Dell has used older bloatware which means that your laptop’s hard drive will fill up quickly with software that you don’t need, such as Netflix and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Dell XPS 15 bloatware includes Microsoft Office, Flipboard, and the Dell Support Assist app.

This is a free app that you can use to chat with an expert if you run into problems or need guidance on how to use your new XPS 15 laptop.

Dell XPS 15 Crashes During Games

If you are having problems running games, update your graphics drivers and if this doesn’t help, try reinstalling the game.

If this fails to resolve the issue, then you probably have corrupt files on your computer.

Dell XPS 15 Gaming FPS Slow

This laptop can run games very well and best works on medium settings. However, you may experience slow FPS due to a bug affecting that part of the game or because your hardware can’t handle rendering it efficiently enough.

You may also need to upgrade your external gaming peripherals. A faulty hard disk can also cause slowdowns.

How To Optimize Dell XPS 15 for Gaming

Use a lightweight antivirus suite such as Microsoft Security Essentials or Malwarebytes if your computer hasn’t come with one installed already.

Remove unnecessary programs and apps that run in the background when not in use.

Give your graphics card a little time to breathe after playing a game.

Close all the running programs in your system tray before playing a game and run them again when you are done. As a result, it doesn’t start slowing down while gaming.

Gamers can use the Dell XPS.

You will get a lightweight and inexpensive laptop for smooth gaming.

You can also edit videos and use the Dell XPS 15 for work. However, it does not have the longest battery life and you should take precautions to prevent overheating.