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Is It Bad to Bottom Out a Mechanical Keyboard? (Explained)

Is It Bad to Bottom Out a Mechanical Keyboard? (Explained)

It might take some time for anyone to get acquainted with a mechanical keyboard. Since you can feel uncomfortable, there’s a tendency for you to press too hard on the keys. 

Some claim that since no conscious effort is required, typing becomes quicker and easier. Others say it slows them down, though.

We adapt differently from each other, so having various preferences is fine. However, there’s a question that many people ask.

Is it bad to bottom out a mechanical keyboard? 

This article will clarify things about bottoming out a mechanical keyboard. So, read on if this is something you’re interested to learn.

What Does Bottoming Out on a Keyboard Mean?

In typing, bottoming out means pushing the keys all the way down to reach the lowest point. 

You need to bottom out if you’re using a membrane keyboard. It has a layer of rubber under the keys that needs pressure to touch the circuit.

Most QWERTY computer keyboards are membrane-type and need bottoming out. But mechanical keyboards have individual springs and switches under each key, and you don’t need to press the keys hard.

Is It Bad to Bottom Out a Mechanical Keyboard?

While mechanical switches don’t need bottoming out to actuate, some people can’t help pushing the keys too hard, especially if they’re new to it. 

No study proves that it’s not right to bottom out a mechanical keyboard. But it can be deemed risky due to the following reasons:

  1. Bottoming Out Makes Louder Sounds

Mechanical keyboards make loud sounds even when you’re touch typing. So if you press the keys too hard, it will be too noisy.

It isn’t a problem if you’re alone in your working area. However, it can be bothersome if you’re in an office or you have a roommate.

  1. Bottoming Out Is Tiring

While some people prefer to press the keys hard, it can tire them more quickly if they frequently use the keyboard. 

So, if your job requires you to sit in front of the computer many hours a day, bottoming out your mechanical keyboard might not be a good idea. You should try to avoid it.

It can also worsen any hand strain one might already be experiencing. For example, bottoming out won’t help you get better if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  1. Bottoming Out Might Affect the Keyboard’s Lifespan

Although mechanical keyboards are deemed to last longer than the other kinds, they’re nonetheless susceptible to wearing out.

Therefore, putting much force when you type may break the keycaps. If you don’t replace them soon, you’ll put the mechanical switches at risk of getting damaged too.

Final Thoughts

We love utilizing our keyboards in different ways. But worrying is inevitable, so we might ask whether we’re doing it right. 

Is it bad to bottom out a mechanical keyboard? What could happen if we press too hard on the keys?

Unless you have hand injuries, are sharing a room with someone bothered by the sound, or want to keep your keyboard from wearing out soon, it’s fine.

It might be beneficial to practice touch typing, but if bottoming out your mechanical keyboard seems more comfortable for you, no one can stop you from doing it.