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Learning To Use Mouse And Keyboard For Gaming (Explained)

Learning To Use Mouse And Keyboard For Gaming (Explained)

Most gaming types learned their first video game experience with either a TV console or, if older, an arcade game which had a similar set up.

The controls were simple, a few buttons and a joystick, and that was it.

Eventually, more complex console controllers became available, providing more combinations of controls, but it’s still a very limited universe even today compared to what’s possible with the keyboard and a PC game. 

Learning to Use Mouse and Keyboard for Gaming

Hands down, the ultimate gaming interaction is with the keyboard and mouse.

First, it provides a portfolio of possibilities with commands, interactions, different level of play at the same time, and real communications. Some of this advantage has been nerfed by the recent push to hook up audio to games, but keyboard-mouse setups still beat the console experience by leaps and bounds.

Second, it pushes the boundaries of what a game player can understand with a game’s possibilities, because more can be done with the keyboard-mouse format.

Learning to use the keyboard and mouse combo is not immediately easy, however. It takes time, memorization, and a lot of practice. It’s a very different way of playing a game, so the brain has to wire itself to how things work. That comes with repetition and muscle memory. So practice, practice, practice continue to be the primary method of learning to use a mouse and keyboard for gaming. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Good at Mouse and Keyboard Gaming? 

Generally, a player learns how to navigate and function at a basic level within a day or two.

Advanced keyboard work and accurate mouse play, however, can take weeks to develop. It also depends on which game a player is starting on, as some games are far easier to navigate and understand than others.

There is no question, for example, someone learning to play Minecraft on a keyboard and mouse will have a much easier time of it than Eve Online as their first keyboard-mouse PC game. 

Games that primarily focus the keyboard on select keys for movement and then function keys for menus and options tend to be the easiest.

Far more complex games that incorporate lots of different commands, hot keys, actions and player-customized controls tend to take much longer to remember all the different keyboard solutions. The mouse is not very different. Basic movement tends to become familiar within a day. However, complex mouse commands with finger controls and additional features can take a while to get used to and learn well. 

Do You Need a Good Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming?

Technically, PC gaming is doable with a basic office type mouse and keyboard. However, a player is going to learn very quickly these types of units were never designed for gaming and they feel very weak and non-responsive to what one needs for full engagement. 

Gamer-designed keyboards and mice have been built with video-gaming in mind first, not spreadsheets. That means they have a very different feel that is far more responsive, the adjustments are far greater for customized settings, and the ergonomics on the equipment is far better for long, multi-hour use.

Most importantly, however, gamer equipment should be used immediately when starting so you don’t have the hassle of changing over and relearning the equipment again when upgrading down the road.

Muscle memory is a core development in game play improvement. Switching equipment after spending months of learning how to remember things is going to cause a bit of mental and physical chaos getting used to a new keyboard and mouse all over again. 

What is the Advantage of Gaming Keyboard?

The most notable advantage is that gaming keyboards are built better. You can actually feel the difference between a solid gaming keyboard and a basic office keyboard.

Additionally, gaming keyboards come with added controls and buttons for additional features. All are programmable, making it extremely easy to customize games to your keyboard versus the other way around.

Gaming keyboards also light up, which can be a real nice feature when glaring light is blinding you, and you just want to play your video game with the lights dimmed or off at night. Most importantly, though, a gaming keyboard improves one’s responsiveness in the game, which improves performance and the overall experience.