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4 Great Green Mechanical Keyboard’s To Try Out!

4 Great Green Mechanical Keyboard’s To Try Out!

Mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, but what about colors? Most are white or black, which gets boring after a period – so, how about a green mechanical keyboard? Do we find quality keyboards in this color, and if so, what are the best options?

While an attractive color is understandably crucial for a green mechanical keyboard, it is also essential to remember that you’ll still type or game with the device. Because of that, a green keyboard must still be durable, accurate, and ergonomic and have an eye-catching case.

Now that we grasp the basics of an ideal green keyboard, we can look at the best contenders. If you have a keyboard with customizable lighting, you could set it to green, but where’s the fun in that? Read on to see our top-ranked green mechanical keyboards.

The Best Green Mechanical Keyboards

The Best Green Mechanical Keyboards
The Best Green Mechanical Keyboards

We recommend the YUNZII Keynovo IF98 to anyone looking for a modular keyboard. At the same time, the Drop ENTR is an excellent alternative for a dedicated gamer. So, without further ado, here are the ultimate green mechanical keyboards.

1. YUNZII Keynovo IF98

If customization is essential, look no further than YUNZII’s Keynovo IF98. This compact keyboard sports hot-swappable switches and a removable wave badge. Not only that, but it has a full suite of RGB backlit modes.

This mechanical keyboard comes in a beautiful sea-green case, too. Enjoy an oceanic flair with its semitransparent case and spread of cyan, cloud, and forest green keycaps. They’re double-shot PBT, too, for added durability.

2. Drop ENTR 

The Drop ENTR mechanical keyboard is the perfect retro option for the avid gamer. With N-key rollover, and a choice between Gateron Yellow and Halo True switches, this keyboard makes gaming comfortable and competitive.

Drop’s retro keyboard is also sleek and streamlined thanks to its tenkeyless layout. Yet, with an aluminum case and double-shot PBT keycaps, the ENTR can endure severe punishment.

The green case option is also spectacular. The Drop company’s 90s inspirations are clear; with subtle, muted colors, the ENTR reminds us of our childhood keyboard, only better.

3. BOYI WK68 

BOYI’s WK68 is an ergonomic and affordable keyboard. Thanks to its 65% design, it’ll fit neatly onto any desk or into your backpack for travel. 

Additionally, its matcha design is genuinely eye-catching, with soft angles that welcome change from sharp technological lines. The case and keycaps have soft, fade-resistant colors that complement the WK68’s excellent backlight.

This green mechanical keyboard features hot-swappable switches, N-key rollover, and Bluetooth connectivity. Not only that, but the WK68 has integrated palm support. It’s comfortable and beautiful.

4. STOGA Typewriter

For a tasteful green keyboard with surprising functionality, try out the STOGA Typewriter. As the name suggests, STOGA modeled this mechanical keyboard on a typewriter, evident with its circular keycaps.

The STOGA Typewriter features brown key switches and a versatile RGB backlight. As well as that, it has a portable, tenkeyless design that takes full advantage of the approachable lime, mint, and white color palate. It’s excellent value for money.

What Are Green Keyboard Switches?

What Are Green Keyboard Switches?
What Are Green Keyboard Switches?

Contrary to popular belief, you can have any color of keyboard switch, and it won’t affect how your keyboard looks. That’s because keyboard switches aren’t a cosmetic choice.

Instead, these devices rest under the keycaps and transmit each press to your machine. Depending on your switches, your keyboard might be loud or quiet, and you’ll feel different resistance levels.

Green keyboard switches are a classic style that’s perfect for typing, although they can work for low-level gaming, too. They produce a loud ‘clack’ sound whenever you press them, giving a tactile bump with every key press.


In conclusion, a green mechanical keyboard is an exciting and tasteful choice, but it won’t affect your keyboard’s functionality. So, finding one that both looks and works excellent is vital.