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6 Things To Know About Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

6 Things To Know About Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

When purchasing a mechanical keyboard, you’ll notice that they’re mainly divided into two categories: normal and low-profile. The main difference is obviously the height.

A mechanical keyboard low profile is lower in height than an ordinary one. By height, I mean the individual keys’ height, not the whole keyboard’s.

Although people tend to buy more normal mechanical keyboards than low-profile ones, there’s quite a fair number who prefer low-profile mechanical keyboards.

Stick around to know more about low-profile mechanical keyboards and if they’re any good.

What Are Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards?

A low-profile mechanical keyboard is defined by the total distance it rises off of your desk. Non-mechanical keyboards are somehow low-profile by nature.

However, normal mechanical keyboards are nowhere near low-profile. That’s why choosing between a normal and a low-profile mechanical keyboard can be confusing.

Generally, low-profile mechanical switches offer you a unique typing experience and there are multiple different companies producing a variety of low-profile switches.

Are Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards Better?

There’s no specific answer to that question. Being good or bad depends on the owner’s situation.

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are lower than normal mechanical keyboards, which makes them more efficient and comfortable.

Because of their height, they don’t strain your wrists or cause you sore fingers. Consequently, you can work on them for longer periods.

Additionally, low-profile mechanical keyboards are a bit more convenient for gamers. That’s because the key travels a shorter distance, which results in a faster response time.

Finally, it’s all a matter of personal preferences. So, make sure to go out and try the keyboard yourself before purchasing it to be completely sure that it’s the one for you.

Pros and Cons of Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

There are many benefits as well as drawbacks when it comes to low-profile mechanical keyboards, which are:


Low-profile mechanical keyboards are shorter and more compact than normal ones, which makes them more space-efficient.

The smaller size also makes them more portable. That’s especially beneficial when you’re on the go, as they can fit inside a laptop backpack’s pocket.

Additionally, the smaller and more compact size means that low-profile mechanical keyboards are more lightweight than normal ones.

As mentioned before, low-profile mechanical keyboards have a less straining effect on your wrists and joints. Not to mention how great they could be for gamers.

That’s because the switches have less traveling distance as the actuation points are cut in half, meaning that they give gamers faster responses.


Low-profile mechanical keyboards aren’t as widely available as normal ones. That’s probably because they’re not as popular. Not to mention that they’re much harder to mod.

Additionally, they require time to get used to, especially if you’re already used to regular mechanical keyboards. However, it might be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are great for many reasons. Additionally, they provide a great gaming experience.

Compared to regular keyboards, they’re ergonomic and more portable, but still, it all depends on your personal preferences.