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2 Ways You Can Fix Mechanical Keyboard Lights That Won’t Work

2 Ways You Can Fix Mechanical Keyboard Lights That Won’t Work

Most modern PC or external laptop keyboards have lights underneath the keys to assist visually in low-light situations. So what can be wrong if you have a mechanical keyboard but no lights?

A mechanical keyboard with no lights can be due to a setting, water or moisture damage, if the keyboard falls or if an internal component is malfunctioning. Another possibility is that you switched off the backlight function on the keyboard, usually the F2 or F3 keys.

The easiest way to find out why your mechanical keyboard is not working is by following some basic troubleshooting steps. Let’s find out why a mechanical keyboard has no lights.

Why Are My Keyboard Lights Not Working?

Turning on your mechanical keyboard may take seconds for the light to come on.

It is usual for the keypad backlight to turn off seconds after inactivity. Still, if you press a key, the keyboard should light up again. 

Why Are My Keyboard Lights Not Working?

However, suppose you haven’t handled your keyboard properly or performed a computer reset.

In that case, likely, your keyboard may not light up anymore. It could also be due to a hardware component malfunction. 

How Do I Turn On My Keyboards Lights?

When your keyboard backlight no longer works or has never lit up, try to activate the backlight function with the corresponding shortcut key. 

If you have been handling your keyboard roughly, you may have accidentally turned off the backlight setting on the unit. 

How Do I Turn On My Keyboards Lights?

Consult your computer’s user guide to find the key that manages the backlight on your keyboard or see what function keys (the F keys) the symbol appears on. 

With some brands, the icon may appear on another type of key. For example, on Lenovo computers, it is on the Esc or the Space bar, or the right arrow on Dell computers, and on the Toshiba PCs, it’s the Z key. 

Each keyboard’s symbol may be slightly different, but it should look like a key that releases light rays. 

Best ways to fix your mechanical keyboard

Besides the fact that backlight keyboards look cool, they prevent you from having to hunch over the keyboard or upping your monitor’s brightness to see what keys you are pressing. They make using it in the dark a lot easier.

However, software updates, hardware issues, or even different apps may stop your backlit keyboard from lighting up. 

Best ways to fix your mechanical keyboard

Suppose you have already connected your keyboard to every USB port or restarted your computer, and it still doesn’t work. In that case, you’ll need to take another route

  1. Increase the brightness level: There might be a chance you have set the brightness too low, so it won’t make a difference after you turn on your keyboard’s backlight. 

The simplest method to increase brightness levels is by using your keyboard. Look for the backlight icon key and press it three times in a row.

If you have found the backlight icon, but it isn’t working, press the Fn key simultaneously.

  1. Make sure your keyboard comes with the backlight feature: Even though you have bought a new fancy keyboard, there may be a chance it won’t have the backlit feature. 

Before purchasing a new keyboard, make sure to check the product description for your keyboard. This will eliminate searching for non-issues. 

If your keyboard comes with all features, such as a backlight, you can use the keyboard shortcut that will turn this feature on.

Depending on the company, the shortcut may be one of the F keys, The Fn key, or the Fn key and the spacebar.  

  1. Update the keyboard drivers: If your keyboard is sensor-activated and isn’t working anymore, there is a chance that the driver is outdated or corrupt and causing a problem. 

To fix this, you need to update your keyboard driver. Here’s how to do it:

  • Right-click on Start, then look for > Device manager.
  • Expand the full >Keyboard menu.
  • Right-click on the keyboard driver and select > Update driver.


Typically, a keyboard backlight malfunction is easy to troubleshoot. By following the steps, you should have it working in no time.

If the problem persists, it may be time to visit a computer technician for a professional opinion.