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Here’s 5 Mechanical Keyboards With Big Enter Keys

Here’s 5 Mechanical Keyboards With Big Enter Keys

For many PC (personal computer) users, one thing we can all remember, and rather fondly, is mechanical keyboards with the big L-shaped enter key. These made life very easy as the enter key is one of the better-used keys on a keyboard, so a large one can make life easier as it becomes easier to find.

Most modern keyboards no longer come with the L-shaped enter key, but there is no need to despair as we have put together a short list of what we consider to be some of the best mechanical keyboards that still come with the big L-shaped enter key to ensure that you have the best ease of use possible.

We have done the work so that all you need to do is compare the options we have found and decide which keyboard best suits your needs. Be it style, ergonomics, or price, and we have put together the ultimate list of mechanical keyboards with big enter keys for your perusal.

Mechanical Keyboard With Big Enter Key

Keyboards with a big enter key are generally of the ISO layout. These keyboards are more common in eastern countries but can also be found in the US.

Mechanical Keyboard With Big Enter Key

We have listed our top 5 picks with the big enter key ISO layout that can be ordered online.

1. Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 

The Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard comes with a variety of options from a white backlight or RBG backlight to an RBG backlight with an aluminum frame.

Each option has a different price, not to worry as all three options are currently going at sale prices with the costs ranging from $65.20 to $81.20

All options of the Keychron K2 keyboard are wireless, making them useful for working off multiple or large screens as one can move the keyboard. These keyboards are compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.

2. Rii RK300 Rainbow RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The Rii RK300 gaming keyboard is another great option, particularly for gamers. It is rainbow RGB backlit and has the benefit of being ergonomically designed so that you can enjoy hours of gaming in comfort. 

The keys are highly tactile and durable.

The Rii RK300 keyboard is also lightweight. It requires a USB port PC and is compatible with Mac and Windows OS. The Rii RK300 keyboard retails at $21.99, making it well-priced.

3. NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard

The NPET K10 gaming keyboard is another gaming option; it has an ultra-slim design and is spill-resistant, which is great news for clumsy PC users.

This keyboard offers a variety of backlight options, including a 7-color rainbow option. 

It comes in purple, but don’t be put off; it’s a good-looking keyboard, and its wide compatibility with most Windows and Mac OS makes it quite popular.

The NPETK10 gaming keyboard retails for a reasonable price of $23.99.

4. ELSRA Full Size Classic Keyboard

The ELSRA full-size classic keyboard retro type is a throwback to the 90s and early 2000s in style.

The keyboard comes in a classic gray and light gray color scheme. It uses USB wiring and is compatible with most Windows and Mac OS. 

The ELSRA full-size classic keyboard has curved keys at 5 different heights providing fantastic ergonomic support and ease of use for key differentiation.

This keyboard retails at $54.90 in the mid-range price bracket. 

5. KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The KLIM Chroma wireless gaming keyboard is another great wireless offering, and it is another gaming keyboard and another rainbow backlight option with either a black or white key option.

This is a highly compatible keyboard with PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. 

The KLIM Chroma wireless gaming keyboard comes with a long-life rechargeable battery and a 5-year durability warranty, making it a great deal.

This keyboard retails at $29.97, making it a great buy with a lot of value for money. 


Although big enter key ISO keyboards have become fewer in recent years, it is still possible to find them online.

As much as most modern keyboards have opted to reduce the enter key size, it is evident that the ease of use that a large enter key offers has ensured that it has not been completely replaced just yet.