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Mechanical Keyboards Without Software (Here’s What To Do)

Mechanical Keyboards Without Software (Here’s What To Do)

Why would you want a mechanical keyboard without software?

A mechanical keyboard without software may be part of the style that a person is going for in their work area.

Most keyboards with software employ said software for controlling some sort of aesthetically pleasing capability, such as light colors and patterns.

People that just want a keyboard for office work, for example, may have no desire for a light feature on their mechanical keyboard.

Getting a mechanical keyboard without software

A person may obtain a mechanical keyboard without software via their local tech store or online.

Most technology salesmen would be able to help locate a mechanical keyboard that does not require software if they offer that in their store. Several online carriers keep several popular brands in stock and are available for shipping in the United States.

However, since these items may be in lower demand, stock levels may fluctuate.

Many of the larger brands involve software with most of their keyboards, but a lot of small or niche brands offer many mechanical keyboards that do not require software.

Mechanical keyboards without RGB

Mechanical keyboards without RBG are simply keyboards without lights and lighting features.

Some people may not like a keyboard without RBG because it may be more difficult to see their keyboard in the dark if they have a dim monitor.

However, if the user will not be typing in the dark, a mechanical keyboard without RBG will likely not be a problem.

Most people that find RBG important hold this opinion because they like to coordinate their mechanical keyboard’s lights and details with their customized PC.

Best mechanical keyboard without software

Many people consider the brand of Ducky keyboards to be the best mechanical keyboards without software. Other than not requiring the use of software, Ducky keyboards are also 60% keyboards. These kinds of keyboards are usually for those with very fast typing abilities, or for those that strive for a fast typing speed.

Additionally, this brand of keyboard is the best in terms of personalization. You could purchase different key caps to give your keyboard different looks, allowing for more personalization than a keyboard with only customizable software and RGB.

Other trustworthy and positively reviewed brands of mechanical keyboards without software that offer more linear switches than fancier RGB keyboards are Leopold, Varmilo, and Vortex.

Do mechanical keyboards need drivers?

Mechanical keyboards do not require drivers because most modern computers have a standard interface with input devices. This is because of the HID. HID, which stands for “Human Interface Device,” allows almost all input devices to seamlessly provide input for a computer.

Therefore, there is no other driver or software required to use mechanical keyboards.

Are mechanical keyboards without software still good quality?

Yes, mechanical keyboards without software are still good quality. What constitutes a mechanical keyboard’s quality is usually the types of switches that are used and the quality and/or durability of the pieces (such as key caps).

While keyboards without software are not necessarily better than keyboards with software, not required software does not imply poor quality.

However, certain brands may sell cheaper and lower quality keyboards, whether they have software or not.

It’s best to research brands before buying a mechanical keyboard without software in order to ensure the purchase of a robust keyboard that will likely hold functionality for many years to come.