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Editorial Policies

Mission Statement

Our mission at Cloud Dropout is to inform and engage our readers by delivering essential insights, intriguing developments, and overlooked discoveries in the world of technology. We strive to provide a well-rounded reading experience, covering the latest news, trends, and innovations as well as providing a respite from the constant barrage of updates.

Fact Checking Policy

Accuracy in reporting

At Cloud Dropout, we are committed to ensuring that our articles are accurate and up-to-date. When we identify any errors, we promptly update and correct them. We also revisit older articles to verify their accuracy and relevance, ensuring our readers have access to the best information available.

Sourcing and quotations

Our dedication to facts and accuracy is paramount. We make every effort to trace facts and information back to their original sources, providing links to primary and secondary sources when necessary for full transparency. If we cannot support an assertion, we do not include it.

We prioritize using direct quotes from the subjects of our articles to ensure the authenticity of their story or opinion. Our goal is to present our subjects’ quotes fairly and accurately, without putting words in their mouths.

Ethics Policy

At Cloud Dropout, we understand that factual accuracy alone is not enough; we also consider the broader context of the world we inhabit. Our editorial team emphasizes fairness in our stories, providing context and a comprehensive perspective to our readers. We strive to consider how our content may be interpreted by readers with diverse viewpoints.

Conflicts of interest

We work diligently to avoid any conflicts of interest, real or perceived, in our coverage. When we receive free products, exclusive interviews, or other access, we disclose this information to our readers in relevant articles.

Types of content

When an article contains our editorial opinions, such as in a product review, service evaluation, or ranking, it will be clearly identified as such. We also use a prominent disclosure statement to inform readers when articles include affiliate links or other sponsorships.

Public figures

We focus our coverage on individuals and events that are in the public eye. While we often cover tech industry leaders and other public figures, we respect the privacy of those who have not sought publicity or attention.


We aim to maintain a diverse team of writers and editors, representing a range of opinions and perspectives on the topics we cover. Our guidelines and trainings for diversity, equity, and inclusion ensure that we celebrate all cultures and make all readers feel welcomed, seen, and understood.

Corrections Policy

When we identify errors or omissions, we promptly correct and update our articles to maintain accuracy and prevent the spread of misinformation. We take accuracy seriously and strive to keep our articles current.

An updated timestamp is placed at the top of each article when changes are made. Significant corrections warrant a dated explanatory note so our audience knows we take accuracy seriously and are committed to owning up to our mistakes.