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11 Things To Know About Rivian R1T’s

11 Things To Know About Rivian R1T’s

Rivian R1T

Known as the world’s first “electric adventure vehicle,” the Rivian R1T is a fully electric truck designed for work, play, as well as on-road and off-road use.

At first glance, it appears to have everything you would expect from a sport/utility truck; namely the rugged appearance and the no-nonsense exterior.

But on closer inspection, the modern lines, the streamlined grill, and the unusual looking headlights will tip off most casual observers to the fact that this is not your average working man’s hauler, but an electric truck.

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The question is, does it stand up to the competition?

In the realm of electric vehicles, most people know by now that real power can be derived from lithium ion battery powered cars. Tesla has proven that by a long margin.

Tesla cars have shown that electric vehicles can be monstrously fast, intensely responsive, and offer great range while remaining eerily quiet.

What is less obvious is the idea that an electric vehicle can offer the kind of torque that you would expect from a truck like those that the Rivian R1T is intended to compete with. 

It comes in a range of interior and exterior colors like electric blue (naturally), silver, beige, cobalt yellow, metallic green, and more. 


The Rivian R1T is a one-speed direct drive transmission truck with all-wheel drive. It offers 70 MPGe, which means 70 miles per gallon “equivalent.”

The cabin accommodates five including the driver and it comes with a five-year / 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. 

Its electric engine delivers a massive 835 horsepower and 908 foot-pounds of torque. That alone is extremely impressive since the top-performing trucks in terms of torque like the Ford F-Series and the Chevy Silverado deliver around 910 to 925 ft-lb of torque.

Its independent suspension chassis has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds and its electric power plant can be charged from 0% to 100% in just over 13 hours, meaning the average person will need to charge it at least every three days.

So, if you had any doubts about the ability of this vehicle to deliver the performance that its exterior promises, you can let go of them now.

Rivian R1T price

The starting MSRP is $73,000 according to That is about on par with trucks of comparable size, power, and quality.

Considering the fact that the electricity needed to power the Rivian R1T is going to be far less expensive than the gas to fuel up a comparable combustion engine vehicle, drivers can expect to save a bundle on the Rivian over the operational life of the truck. 

Rivian R1T release date

The Rivian was released in March of 2022. So, at the time of this writing, it has only been on the market for three months. When it comes to electric vehicles, that’s not a lot of time to tell whether or not it will be a good investment over the long term.

But with the popularity of electric vehicles, we should have some good use-data in on it soon.

Rivian R1T weight

The base model has a gross vehicle weight of 8,532 pounds. That’s about 1,500 pounds heavier than the high end of the average weight range for most trucks.

That means it manages to be comparably powerful to other popular trucks while being almost a ton heavier, which is impressive.

Rivian R1T 0-60

Possibly faster off the mark than almost any domestic truck, the Rivian can achieve 60mph in just 3.3 seconds.

Increasingly, this is becoming the norm for electric vehicles, owing largely to the fact that they have just one moving component that needs to be spun up.

Rivian R1T delivery date

If you preordered a launch edition of this vehicle, you can expect to receive it anywhere between now to the end of June. The company has had some trouble fulfilling orders on time, which is not unusual for new, novel powerplant vehicles.

But the delivery window announced by the manufacturer is close to closing, so your wait should be almost over.

Rivian R1T bed length

The bed length might leave some truck aficionados feeling flat at just 4 feet, 6 inches. But remember this is an “adventure vehicle,” meaning hauling is not its advertised forte, though it certainly has enough muscle to excuse a larger bed.

Rivian R1T charge time

The advertised 13-hour charge time is about on par for the electric vehicle market. With its expected range of 314 miles, this is more than serviceable for most use cases.

Rivian R1T accessories

There is a wealth of available accessories for a range of optional trim packages including optional seat types, bed and cabin organizers, performance pedals, body kits, and much more. Most of the interior electronics ie: “infotainment” gadgetry is operated via touchscreens.

This is only as good as the durability of a given touch screen, which has improved across product types in recent years, but it is still a weak point- especially in a truck built for rugged use.

Final Thoughts 

The Rivian certainly looks promising, and if you’re bent on taking home an electric truck, it is definitely going to be easier on the pocketbook than the Tesla truck – and less weird-looking.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on this electric vehicle yet, it might be wise to let the use data accumulate for another year before buying it.

But, if you can’t wait, there’s a decent chance that you’re going to have a powerful truck-like vehicle on your hands that will be more than capable compared to just about anything on the market, electric or otherwise.