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Tesla Model Y Adjust Trunk Height: Here’s How It’s Done

Tesla Model Y Adjust Trunk Height: Here’s How It’s Done

How to Adjust Trunk Height for Tesla Model Y

You come back from the grocery store and you pop the trunk of your Model Y open and fill it with your groceries. Now, when you try to close it, you can’t seem to reach the handle.

Luckily, Tesla hatchbacks are equipped with a convenient feature that allows you to adjust the trunk’s height. You can even modify the height to keep it at a higher angle as well.

This adjustment feature is easy to apply since you mainly need to press and hold the button on your liftgate’s underside.

Stick around to learn more about how to adjust your Tesla Model Y’s trunk height.

Step 1: Open the Trunk

Firstly, you want to make sure the Tesla is parked. Afterward, open the trunk. Now, you can do so in several ways.

For instance, you can use the key fob to simply double-click on the rear trunk button or go to your touchscreen and tap on “Open” for the rear trunk setting.

Alternatively, you may click the switch on the trunk’s exterior handle. For this method, make sure the keys are detected or the car is unlocked.

Lastly, the mobile app can also allow you to open the trunk by selecting the rear trunk button.

Step 2: Choose the Height You Want

Once the trunk’s open, you’ll want to manually lift or lower the liftgate to the desired height. Now, in the liftgate, try to feel for the button located on its underside. It should have an icon resembling a car with an open trunk.

Next, press and hold that button for about three seconds. You should then hear a confirmation sound or chime.

Step 3: Close the Trunk

After choosing the height, it’s time to close the trunk. Don’t worry, the smart car will save your adjusted preference.

Typically, you could choose between three different ways to close the trunk. First, you can go to the car’s touchscreen and select the “Close” button. The second option is to use the key fob and double-click the rear trunk button.

Finally, you can press the same switch you pressed earlier and it’ll automatically close the trunk. The adjusted trunk height should then be saved and the next time you open the trunk it should open to the chosen height.

If you hear a couple of chimes when closing the trunk, then there could be an object in the liftgate’s way. In that case, make sure there’s nothing in the way so the trunk safely closes.

Final Thoughts

Aside from being too short to reach the liftgate’s handle, you may have a short garage and you don’t want the handle to hit the ceiling. For this reason, the feature is highly useful, whether you’re short or want to have a larger opening area.

All you have to do to access it, is open the trunk and adjust the liftgate to the desired height. Afterward, you’ll want to press and hold the button on the liftgate until you hear the confirmation chime then close the trunk.