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Here’s Why Your Tesla Model Y Performance Is Missing A Spoiler

Here’s Why Your Tesla Model Y Performance Is Missing A Spoiler

About the Tesla Model Y Performance Missing Spoiler

News has been going around about the Tesla Model Y Performance missing spoiler. Some people are quite upset with the situation. 

Others don’t really care, as they think spoilers aren’t essential parts of the car. In this article, we’re going to discuss more about this topic.

So, let’s begin!

Why Is Tesla Model Y Performance Missing the Spoiler?

Unfortunately, the leading company is dealing with a serious parts shortage that is affecting its models. The cars won’t come missing significant parts, but they miss the spoilers.

Model Y Performance seems to be the main model that’s affected by this problem. If you’re buying this model soon, you might get an email notifying you that your car won’t arrive with a spoiler.

It doesn’t quite make sense that a big auto manufacturer like Tesla has a problem manufacturing something simple like a spoiler.

It is what it is though, and the company doesn’t know when this problem will be resolved. You’ll be entitled to a service appointment scheduled once the spoilers are back in stock.

Is It Essential to Buy a Spoiler for My Tesla Model Y Performance?

Since Tesla doesn’t deliver spoilers with their Model Y Performance, for now; the only way to get one is to buy it separately. You can find many manufacturers selling spoilers specifically for this model.

However, do you really have to buy a spoiler? Is it an essential part of Model Y Performance?

Of all the parts to have a shortage of, a spoiler doesn’t seem that serious. Your Tesla will function just fine without it.

With that being said, without a spoiler, you’ll have to reduce the top speed. Yes, you read it right. 

Spoilers provide stability to your car when driving at high speeds. When any vehicle travels at high speed, the aerodynamic drag increases.

This makes more air get underneath the vehicle. Consequently, it reduces grip and creates a lifting force, which makes the car less stable.

With a spoiler, the amount of air going underneath your vehicle decreases. As such, it counteracts the lifting force by creating more downforce. Therefore, the vehicle becomes more planted on the road. 

Besides that, spoilers reduce wind turbulence and noise. Another job for a spoiler is to protect the deck lid of your Tesla.

On top of all that, a spoiler gives your car a sporty and edgy look.

What to Look For in a Spoiler?

The type of spoiler you need for Model Y Performance is a lip spoiler. This one is installed on the deck lid and adheres to it.

You need to buy one that doesn’t come off easily. You won’t know unless you read the reviews written on them. 

In addition, you need to look for a durable one. You don’t want one that will scratch or break easily. 

Carbon fiber, fiberglass, and ABS plastic are all good and durable materials to manufacture spoilers out of. Lastly, make sure that the spoiler fits the proportion of your Model Y Tesla.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model Y Performance missing spoiler definitely sucks. You don’t pay all that money to get the car with a missing piece at the end.

However, for your safety, it’s important for you to buy one. So, good luck on your spoiler hunt!