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What are Alienware OC Controls? | Explained

What are Alienware OC Controls? | Explained

Alienware is a well-known computer hardware branch of the Dell company.

They focus on gaming computers, software, and equipment that are easily identifiable by their alien and out-of-this-world designs and themes.

The brand’s flashy, high-tech mystique makes it an extraordinarily popular choice among multimedia developers and serious gamers. 

Alienware computers are easy to operate due to their exclusive Command Center software.

The user-friendly interface was created to allow gamers to control their Alienware computers’ features, and it is pre-installed on all systems.

The OC Control is a part of this Command Center and its primary function is overclocking the CPU or the GPU. 

How do I use Alienware OC Controls? 

Opening Alienware OC Controls is simple. First, you can open the Alienware Control Center by searching for it on the Windows Start menu and clicking on it.

Then, when it opens, click on “OC Controls” at the bottom of the screen. You should now be inside the overclocking menu. 

Any processor-intensive tasks, as well as gameplay, can be sped up by overclocking components. 

Overclocking is a specific way to customize your computer.

It is a process by which you can adjust the memory settings, voltage, power, core, and pretty much any other setting where values can be maximized for the best performance. 

Just note that Alienware computers can only support overclocking if you order the system overclocked from the factory.

You will need to ask Dell support if your system was factory overclocked, or check your invoice. Once you confirm that your system was designed for overclocking, you can enable the feature.

Can I uninstall Alienware OC Controls?

You can, even though there is no reason to. You can simply not use the option. But, if you need to, first go to your Control Panel and locate “Add/Remove Program Features” and click on it. Find “Alienware OC” in the given list, click on it, and choose “Remove.”

Immediately after, restart the computer so the changes can be applied.

If you want to download it again, do not do so through the Alienware update feature. Instead, open the Alienware Command Center, where you will see the message “component missing” with an option to download OC Controls.

How do I get Alien FX?

To get AlienFX, look for the approved download, which is licensed as freeware on Windows for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Then, download the setup.exe file and save it to your computer. Right click on the file, once it’s saved, and click on “Compatibility” and choose Compatibility Mode. Then run the program wizard and follow the prompts until AlienFX 1.0.5 is successfully installed.

This feature is a part of the Alienware Command Center that lets players choose different color and transition effects across multiple zones on all Alienware devices and PCs.

Why is my Alienware Command Center not working?

This can happen for many reasons. The Command Center, or even Windows, could have had a corrupt installation, or you may be using an outdated version of Windows.

First and foremost, be sure that your system supports the Alienware Command Center, before attempting to fix anything.

You should also power off the system, open it up, and reseat the graphics card and all other hardware connections.

If the Command Center recommends installations and updates, be sure to comply.

If it’s still not working, check to be sure you are using the right application. There are two additional programs that may use the name “Command Center.”

One of them controls lights, and the other one is for peripherals. You may also need to delete any themes from AlienFX until everything is resolved and check your antivirus to ensure that it is not affecting the Command Center, either.

Other things to try:

1. Repair the .NET Installation

The Command Center uses the .NET framework for its operations internally.

2. Try a Right-click Trick

Sometimes, you can solve Command Center issues by right-clicking on the spinning circle that indicates processing.

3. Disable Third Party Applications

In Windows, all applications must share the computer’s resources and coexist peacefully. However, some third party apps have been known to interfere with the functioning of the Command Center.

4. Update your Drivers

Update all Windows and system drivers that may be outdated. Pay special attention to the Alienware gaming peripheral and touchpad drivers.

5. Change to Automatic Startup

If the service is not configured to start automatically, it can lead to delayed responses from the Command Center, or it may shut down completely.

6 Reinstall the Program

If the Command Center is corrupt, the installation will not work no matter what solution you try.

7. Restore your Computer to a Previous Time

This will reset your system to a day or time before an update corrupted your system.

8. Reset to Factory Defaults

If all else fails, it may be best to do a complete factory reset or to reinstall Windows. Of course, back your data up before attempting either scenario.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a firm grasp on how your Alienware Command Center operates is key to enjoying your Alienware computer.

Learning about the components, such as the OC Controls and AlienFX, as well as knowing how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning Command Center, both come in handy when working this top-of-the-line gaming system.