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Wondering Why It Says Pending On Your Chase App? Look No Further

Wondering Why It Says Pending On Your Chase App? Look No Further

If you have a transaction you are waiting for to reflect in your Chase bank account, it might show pending on the application, and you probably want to know why. 

The Chase app will show pending transactions of payments you make and receive because there are security checks the bank needs to make. They update user transactions at specific times, non-Chase transactions take longer, or the transaction was done on a non-business day. 

Pending transactions are a common aspect when dealing with banking, and the Chase app conveniently allows you to view the status of the payments you make and receive. 

Why Does The Chase App Show Transactions As Pending? 

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Why Does The Chase App Show Transactions As Pending? 

The Chase app shows pending transactions, and that can happen for several reasons, as listed below:

The Bank Does Security Checks 

Before the bank can allow any transactions to be processed, they go through security checks to ensure the safety and security of users and money flow.  

The system checks to determine whether the accounts are genuine and if there is no fraud. It will also monitor unusual amounts of transfers. 

If there is any suspicious activity or lengthier checks, the transactions will show as pending until the security checks are cleared, and the processing can start. 

A bank may call you to request verification of specific payments or deposits to ensure that you are aware of them and that your activity is not fraudulent. If that step goes smoothly, your transaction will be processed shortly after or during the next system update. 

Day And Timing Of The Transaction 

The day and timing of transactions play a vital role in whether your transactions will be pending. It will also depend on how long it will be pending. 

Chase Bank typically does their update at some point during late night to early morning. Your transactions may show pending until then. 

If you make transactions on a weekend, national holiday, or other bank vacation days, your transaction will show pending on the Chase app until the next business day. 

Sometimes it takes two to three days to process specific transactions, and it will only happen over business days. That way, you may see pending on the Chase app for longer. 

The Bank Processes Transactions At Specific Times 

You might think that since you are using an online platform like the Chase app, the processing is immediate, and while a lot of it can be, the bank also works at specific times. 

During a portion of the night, Chase bank processes their users’ transactions after passing security checks, assessing available fees, managing outgoing and incoming transfers, ensuring that amounts match up, and calculating outstanding balances. 

There is a coding system that works through that, and only once everything is processed will transactions go through. Until then, your transactions will show as pending on your Chase app.  

It is also why you will notice some of your statements as pending, and when you wake up the following day, your money is available. 

Transaction With A Non-Chase Bank 

Transactions with a non-Chase bank take longer to process than transactions with another Chase account. When working with another Chase account, you may have immediate payments. 

If you send a payment to a different bank or someone sends you one from another bank brand, those transactions can take two to five business days to be processed. During that time, your transactions will show pending on your Chase app


If your Chase app is showing pending payments, it doesn’t need to be a matter of concern unless you notice. The bank is probably updating the user transactions and doing security checks. Once all the information is clear, your money will reflect.