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3 Reasons Your Chase App May Keep Logging You Out 

3 Reasons Your Chase App May Keep Logging You Out 

Chase Mobile is a convenient application for online banking services. It is quick and efficient, and you can manage accounts and handle transactions effortlessly. But why does the Chase app keep logging you out? 

Chase Mobile app will keep logging you out of the application if you have left the application for too long. It is a safety measure to ensure no one else can access your account while you are inactive. It can also happen if your app needs an update or your data needs to be cleared or reset. 

Most apps that deal with sensitive or secured data, like banking and similar apps, tend to log out after a set time for the safety and data security of the user. You can read more about that and what you can do below. 

Why Does The Chase App Keep Logging You Out? 

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Why Does The Chase App Keep Logging You Out? 

If you try to access your Chase app, but it keeps logging you out, you are probably feeling frustrated and looking for a solution. There are a few reasons that it could happen, and here are some examples: 

The App Detected Inactivity 

Any application with sensitive information, like Chase, will log you out because it detects inactivity. If you have exited the app without logging out to reply to a message, got a phone call, or maybe got caught up on social media, the app will automatically log out. 

The app is developed to ensure users can feel safe with their information loaded on the application, and it is a form of security measure. If you exit the Chase app and go back to complete a transaction after too long, you will need to log in again. 

The App Need A Data Reset 

An app overloaded with data or detection of concern, specifically one with sensitive information like a Chase bank app, can sometimes require a data reset. This is necessary for security reasons and to ensure that all data is correct. 

It only takes a minute to reset and renew your data on the Chase app, ensuring better security and safety of your information.  

The Chase app will continue to log you out anytime you try to access it until you reset the data. Once that process is complete, the app should work properly again. 

There Is An Issue From The Developers 

If your Chase app keeps logging you out while you are still busy on the app or logs you out immediately when you exit the app, like to fetch an OTP, it is likely an issue on the developers’ side.  

There could be some issues with the coding, and the app may require some bug fixes. You can report bugs through the app, but when there are such issues, the developers are usually already at work trying to fix the problems. 

If you are facing an urgent issue and the app keeps logging you out, try to contact your bank for clarification and further assistance. 


The biggest reason the Chase app will keep logging you out is that you exit the app for too long. It is for security purposes. Other causes include issues from the developers and data concerns that need to be rectified or reset.