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4 Reasons Why Your Chase App May Say Balance Updates Unavailable

4 Reasons Why Your Chase App May Say Balance Updates Unavailable

Using a Chase banking app is a convenient way to organize your finances. You can make payments, budget funds, and check your balances at the touch of a button. Sometimes you’re faced with an error message. Why does the Chase app say “Balance Updates Unavailable”?

The Chase app will say “Balance Updates Unavailable” if the server is undergoing scheduled maintenance, it’s down, or there is a technical problem with the Zelle payment system. The Chase app may also give an error message if you are outside the US. Contact Chase Customer Services for assistance.

Online banking and banking apps are subject to the same flaws as any other digital process. The internet can go down, systems can fail, and suddenly you’re unable to access your money and financial data. Let’s look at why the Chase app gives the “Balance Updates Unavailable” message.

Why The Chase App Says “Balance Updates Unavailable”

While it may be alarming when you’re unable to access your account balance, there is usually a simple explanation. In most cases, the problem is not with your account but with the Chase server or app.

Why The Chase App Says “Balance Updates Unavailable”
Why The Chase App Says “Balance Updates Unavailable”

Here are the four main reasons for the “Balance Updates Unavailable” message.

The Chase Server Is Undergoing Maintenance

The usual reason for being unable to access your balance is that Chase’s server is undergoing mandatory maintenance.

For a server to function efficiently, it requires regular services. This process involves the technical team checking for errors and bugs affecting processing, sorting out security issues, ensuring that the servers operate effectively, and doing any necessary updates.

During maintenance, the server won’t function, which is why you can’t access your account balances.

Server maintenance tends to be scheduled, so check whether you’ve received an email or message or seen a website post informing clients of the work and how long the server will be down. 

After maintenance, the server should be up and running within 24 hours.

Check with Chase Customer Services if you haven’t received a message regarding mandatory server maintenance.

The Chase Server Is Down 

Another reason you can’t access your accounts is because the Chase servers have gone down; for example, the transaction and balance servers could fail.

Unfortunately, Chase has faced this problem in the past, where either account balances are entirely unavailable or the balance shown is incorrect. Despite clients’ fear of hacking, the issue was with the servers, which required technical downtime. 

Before panicking, contact Chase Customer Services. Chase may not yet be aware of any issues, so reporting the problem is helpful. Often, technicians are already fixing the bug, so Customer Services will explain the situation and how long you can expect to wait before regular service resumes.

Other helpful sites that can tell you if there is a nationwide or global problem with Chase are Downdetector and Is It Down Right Now? These sites monitor server, website, and app errors and customer complaints and will give you up-to-date information on technical issues and outages.

Zelle Has Technical Issues

A third reason you may receive the “Balance Update Unavailable” error message is that there is a problem with Zelle rather than the Chase app.

Using QuickPay with the Zelle payment system is handy. Still, it can interfere with the functioning of your Chase app if Zelle is having technical issues.

You may receive this error message when doing a transaction through Zelle, meaning you can’t check your balance or transaction history.

If you think that Zelle is the cause of the error message, contact the Zelle Customer Support team.

You Are Outside The US

The joy of digital banking is that you can access your money and financial data anywhere in the world. However, when traveling outside the US, you may find that the Chase app is giving an error message.

Chase is primarily an American bank serving American consumers. There are Chase facilities outside the country, and you can use the app, website, and credit cards

However, if you plan to travel, inform Chase so that they can allow international transactions. Suppose Chase suspects that there is fraudulent activity on your account. In that case, you may be unable to access your funds and account balances.

Also, ensure that your internet connection is functioning well, especially outside a metropolitan area.

To contact Chase outside the US, contact Chase Customer Services and dial the international helpline.

How To Fix The “Balance Updates Unavailable” Error 

How To Fix The “Balance Updates Unavailable” Error 
How To Fix The “Balance Updates Unavailable” Error 

Before contacting Chase Customer Services, check that the error is not caused by your device or connection. Try these hacks first:

  • Clear your browser cache. This short-term memory storage helps speed up apps. However, too much data in the cache can slow down apps and cause errors, like the Chase website being stuck on an earlier version.
  • Update your Chase app. Older versions of an app may have hidden flaws and bugs impacting the app’s functioning. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.


Being faced with a “Balance Update Unavailable” error message can be worrying. Usually, the cause is server maintenance or a technical issue with Chase or Zelle. Update your browser cache and your Chase app, and if the problem persists, contact Chase Customer Services.