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Why Does My Chase App Say N/A? (Explained)

Why Does My Chase App Say N/A? (Explained)

Online banking brings with it a world of convenience where you can transfer, make payments, create accounts and manage all your funds from your phone. However, there are instances when this convenience can be problematic. 

The Chase app says N/A because the Chase server holding your account information is unavailable, meaning you won’t be able to see your balance. The server could be down due to a DDoS attack, under maintenance, or be in the process of being migrated. 

This article will outline and detail all the situations that are the underlying cause of the Chase app showing N/A. You should understand a few elements, and we will show you how to resolve this with customer support. So read on. 

Why Does My Chase App Say N/A?

Most Chase clients will use their app on a day-to-day basis to check and manage their accounts even though it has other features like budgeting, credit score checking, and investment managing.  

As such, it must come as a shock to people logging onto the app to find their accounts and balances that read N/A.

Before we jump into why this occurs, it should be noted that your funds have not disappeared, so with that fact, you can relax. 

The only reason the Chase app will show N/A is that servers holding the account information are not available. The servers that hold the account information may not be available due to a number of reasons, including;

  • They are down for maintenance
  • They are being migrated

Understanding Chase Server Outages

Chase is built around a server infrastructure just like any other bank and online company. Moreover, these data centers are placed all around the world, and depending on what is “being done” to one of them, some clients may experience outages. 

This essentially means that your banking account info will be unavailable until the servers are back online. 

The two main reasons the Chase servers will go down are for maintenance or for migration, as stated. However, it should be noted that hacking attempts, such as DDoS attempts on banking servers, occur frequently, and in some situations, this may cause the servers to go down.  

Here is the current plan for the server migration roll-out for the J.P Morgan Chase data centers. 

Where Can I Get Updates On The Chase App And Server?

One of the easiest ways to check if there is a problem with the app or if the server is down for maintenance is to check the official Chase Support Twitter Feed.

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Where Can I Get Updates On The Chase App And Server?

Take note that this feed is for clients that bank with Chase U.S. and this Twitter Feed is for U.K. clients. 

Here you can find live updates on everything that is currently happening with Chase, and you can contact customer support if you encounter any problems (such as the app showing N/A). 

If you specifically want to check if there are “outages” (if people can’t connect and if servers may be down), then you should head to

Here you will be able to see the number of individuals reporting outages specifically for Chase based on region, time of day, and the volume of outages that are reported.

This website also has a link to their Twitter Support Feed and Facebook page, so you should not have difficulty finding and contacting support to figure out the problem.  


We conclude that the only reason your Chase app will show N/A is that the servers that hold your account information are either down, getting updated, or being migrated. You will only need to check with Chase customer support to see when they will be back online.