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6 Reasons Why Your Chase App Is Not Letting You Sign In

6 Reasons Why Your Chase App Is Not Letting You Sign In

Chase customers have the option to download the Chase app or continue to access their accounts online. This is convenient for so many, but at times problems do arise, which makes it inconvenient. When a system is having technical issues or updating its website, customers find that they cannot access their account through their app.

There is a remedy to the problem after the necessary steps have been taken. However, there are times when you will need to repeat some steps several times before you get the right results.

Why is my chase app not letting me sign in?

There are several reasons why your chase app is not letting you sign in. Often, the system will experience a technical glitch, which causes the system not to recognize your password or username. Like most websites, Chase does maintenance on its website, to keep everything updated on its end, and sometimes this causes issues on its customers’ end.

During this time, the website is unavailable until the process is complete. If this is the case, a note at the top of the screen will list the date and time the process will begin and end.

Another reason is due to mandatory password changes. If you have used the same password for a long time, you need to change it.

Most banking systems make this step mandatory for the safety of the customer’s account. In some cases, clearing the cookies from your phone’s browser can help with login issues. Resetting the browser on your phone from time to time can help resolve a lot of app issues.

How can I get access to my chase app?

You need to make sure you are using a compatible device.

Not all phones are compatible with the Chase app, and other apps as well. If you visit Google Store or Apple Play Store, you will see at a glance whether or not the app is compatible with your device.

There might be different versions of the app, but you have to choose the one that is compatible with your phone.

If you have the right app and still cannot access your app, you need to uninstall it and reinstall it again. Sometimes this helps to clear up any lingering glitches. Another step you can do is to clear your phone’s browsing history, cookies, and saved passwords. This really helps a lot, and oftentimes, it will clear up so many problems people have with opening their apps.

Is my chase account locked?

If you have attempted to access your account more than the number of times allowed, chances are yes, your chase account is locked. This lock feature is in place to protect you from hackers and unauthorized access to your account.

You might be locked out of a suspicious activity alert, but after you answer any questions and follow any emailed instructions, your account will be available to you again.

If you access your account from any unknown device, Chase will assume that it is not you and will lock your account. However, you are allowed to verify your identity by verifying your account information. Once the verification is complete, you will once again have access to your account. If this does not work, contact Chase’s fraud department.

Is it normal for my chase app to not let me sign in?

No. it is not normal for you not to be able to sign in for your chase app. If you have set up a sign-in option for face scan, fingerprint, or password, one of those sign-in options should work.

If you use a password to sign in, you might experience problems if you accidentally mistype a number or letter. Be sure you pay attention to how you input your password. 

Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that the caps lock is on or off, depending on how you set up your password. You might need to reset it using the proper password setup guidelines implemented by Chase.

When to contact chase customer service

You need to contact Chase customer service after you have exhausted any listed options on the Chase website. If you have changed your password or username, and can no longer access your account after multiple attempts, now is the time to solicit some help.

Final Thoughts

No banking app is beyond having its fault. They all have their share of mishaps. Thankfully, banks and other financial institutions have qualified people that can help you navigate through these issues. You are a valued customer.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Chase’s main goal is to keep customers happy and to give them a great banking experience. Problems do arise, and when they do, you can always find help when you need it.