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About Cloud Dropout

Pioneering Underserved Tech Content

I am a certified AWS Professional and hold over 5 AWS Certifications. I’ve also spent a career working at AWS, where I was the lead architect helping thousands of very high profile customers build out their infrastructure on the cloud. Being the lead architect for each of these companies means I was the chief authority for anything technical related. This included troubleshooting, advising with best practices, and helping strategize business outcomes.

Each of these customers were in the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Fintech
  • Hardware and consumer electronics
  • Government
  • Aerospace and satellite
  • Electric vehicle industries

Being on the cutting edge of technology for so long, I’ve realized that there is a profound lack of information on the web regarding the types of technology related questions people tend to ask.

Therefore, I’ve taken that experience and have forayed it into this website, where the main objective is to help pioneer underserved content in not only cloud computing, but anything related to technology.

Below is a list of accreditations and recent pr announcements that I’ve been involved with while at Amazon Web Services.

List of Amazon Web Services Certifications

Cloud Dropout was also the technical lead that established Amazon Web Services as the leader in space technology and exploration.

Press Release showcasing results of the work performed by Cloud Dropout

Press Releases

AWS Owned Content

AWS Exec Social Media Content: